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Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #35… Extended

No matter how big or small, whether we live in the city or the country, we all have a place that we call home. I love my home and where we live.

Decorator Layout for Weekly Challenge #35This challenge was so fun for me.  It could have been so many things. I thought of documenting my master bathroom with my jetted tub. It is definitely one of my favorite personal spaces. I thought of documenting about the kitchen, which is the heart of our home. I thought about documenting the reading chair, or even the televisions. Ultimately, my layout came from my many thoughts of decorating. I love to browse the web, especially Pinterest for home ideas. I am going to admit that I am a little nervous, ok… a LOT nervous, when it comes to picking the right colors for my home.

For the challenge of Personal Space, I wanted to recreate some type of what my desk would look like with all of the magazine clippings and color swatches. I have seen so many people do this type of layout and thought it would be fun to try it. That is another thing I love about these weekly challenges, they help me to scrap outside my comfort zone, or my normal style. Browsing through galleries always inspires me for my scarpbook pages.

The trick to this layout is the shadowing, trying to achieve that 3D look. I honestly can’t believe how many layers were on this layout! I attempted to make this layout look as REAL as possible. I like to add little bits of tape, staples, clips to “hold” things on the page, so they aren’t just floating there. I think this can help with achieving the realness of a digital page.

Another aspect I love to include on my layouts is my personal handwriting. I use it so much! I think it adds that extra personal touch to help preserve you in all of this. There are quite a few places on the web that offer the service of turning your handwriting into a font. This is the one I used. I have actually done 2 fonts, and use them both all the time!



Alyson HallI am Alyson Hall and I am a scrapbooking addict! I love sitting down at my computer to tell a story. I love to combine words, photos, and graphics to document me and my life. My life is busy and includes a great family that are my pride and joy, my heart and soul. I scrapbook to document for me, but mostly for them. I want them to remember the big life events, as well as the small quiet, everyday moments. I want to leave a legacy.



Additional 2012 Design Team sample layouts for Weekly Challenge #35 may be found in this week’s Challenge Galleryif you complete this challenge yourself, please consider posting your project in the gallery as well so others may be inspired by YOU!

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