Something to Jot About: Politics

Need some help getting the conversation started in your journal, on your scrapbook page … or even with your kids? Introducing Something to Jot About … a weekly list of 10 story starters on a timely topic! 

Let’s Talk About… Politics

Something to JOT about... conversation starters for your journal, scrapbook & daily life. • Do you enjoy following politics?
• Do political advertisements influence your decision-making?
• Do you vote in local elections? State? National?
• Do you enjoy debating about politics?
• How is your life different during an election year? Or is it?
• With which political party do you most identify?
• How do you make your voting decisions? What is the biggest influence?
• Have you ever considered running for office? Which one and what would you hope to accomplish?
• Do you think changes should be made to the political system?
• How do you feel about negative advertising in politics?

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