Something to Jot About: Back To School

Need some help getting the conversation started in your journal, on your scrapbook page … or even with your kids? Introducing Something to Jot About … a weekly list of 10 story starters on a timely topic! 

Let’s Talk About… Back To School

Something to JOT about... conversation starters for your journal, scrapbook & daily life. • When do you start preparing for the next school year?
• Did/do you or your children have any back-to-school rituals?
• How much do beginning of the year school supplies cost right now?
• Who pays for school supplies? School clothes? Other school-related expenses?
• What do you remember about your first day of school? Does any particular grade stand out in your memory?
• What is the most difficult part about going back to school after a break? What is the most enjoyable?
• How long is your child’s summer break? How does that compare to when you were a child?
• How will your daily routines change when school resumes this fall?
• Are you looking forward to back to school time or dreading its arrival?
• Did/do you like school?

Looking for journaling prompts on a specific topic? Let us know & we may provide them in a future post!

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