Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #31


Time Capsule Ideas:

* TV tray
* dining room table
* car (if you eat there)
* picnic table
* placemats or tablecloths
* paper plates


"Eating As A Family" ~ Digital Layout by Rebecca Kuchenbecker

“Eating As A Family” ~ Digital Layout by Rebecca Kuchenbecker

Get those creative juices flowing…

* Where do you typically eat your meals?
*  Is your dining room or table used for something other than eating?
*  Do you use a placemat? Tablecloth?
*  Do your eating habits change when you are alone?
*  Do you have a formal dining room?
*  Do you “set” the table for meals?
*  Does your family dine together?
* Do you eat in your car?
*  Have you ever had breakfast in bed?
*  Do you eat in front of the tv?
* Are you a snacker?


Documenting this part of your life now may help others…

* Get an inside look at your daily habits and routines.
* Learn more about the private you.


Other ideas

*  Compare your current dining habits with those of your family when you were growing up.
*  If your dining table is used for many activities throughout the day or week, try setting up a camera in a single location to capture an image for each activity, then combine in a mini album or video series.



Additional 2012 Design Team sample layouts for Weekly Challenge #31 may be found in this week’s Challenge Galleryif you complete this challenge yourself, please consider posting your project in the gallery as well so others may be inspired by YOU!


Coming tomorrow on the Time Capsule blog… additional inspiration to help you complete Weekly Challenge #31 from this week’s sample layout artist, Rebecca Kuchenbecker.

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