Meet the 2012 Design Team: Miranda Wedekind

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Your Name: Miranda Wedekind
Where you live: Loosdrecht, Netherlands
Your most commonly used username in the scrapbooking word: Miranda or Miranda Wedekind

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Miranda Wedekind

Please tell us a little about yourself, your family, your background…I’m 44 years old, married for 23 years with my youth love Hans. We don’t have any kids by choice. I’m working as a teacher at a preschool with kids from 4 to 6 years old.

How did you become a scrapbooker or memory-keeper?I started scrapbooking in the summer of 2005. I was working as the head of a new school and we were about to finish our first year. I wanted  my teachers to remember this first year with a special something that would last. So I was searching in town for a great present and walked across a scrapbook store. And then it hit me that a scrapbook page would be a great present! So I went in and bought some stuff. Finished 10 pages with pics of that first year, one for each team member. And after that… I was hooked!

How would you describe your scrapbooking style? I’m a paper scrapper and I love to scrap about everything that keeps me busy in my life. Important days, but also my feelings and the everyday life. On my pages you usually can find some ribbon, handstitching and flowers. Journaling is an important part of my pages too. I think you can describe my pages as shabby-chic… but I find it hard to put a label on it.

When do you scrapbook? How much time do you spend on this activity during a typical week? I scrap whenever I have time. That normally means early in the evening after work, on my day off and in the weekend. As a teacher I have a lot of holidays and part of those days I will scrapbook too. On a typical week I think I spend around 3-4 hours.

What is your favorite way to capture the journaling part of your scrapbooking? I’m very open in my journaling and share my feelings and thoughts in it. When I think it is to personal and don’t want to share with just anybody, I choose for hidden journaling (a tag behind the pic, an envelope, etc.) A lot of my journaling is handwritten. I do journal on the computer too and then print it, but most of my pages are just handwritten.

What story from the past do you most wish had been documented so you and/or your family could enjoy it now? I wish there would have been more documented about my youth. There are some photos, but my parents didn’t had a lot of money, so the most are from special occasions like holidays, Christmas, birthday, etc. I miss the everyday life, the things I did around the house, how I behaved as a kid. And because there is no journaling at all, I can only guess the stories behind the pics. I have to depend on the stories my parents tell and I notice that a lot of details are forgotten.

What is your favorite source of scrapbooking or design inspiration? My favorite inspiration are my pictures. I love making pictures, and I do it a lot. When I take a photo, a story comes to mind quickly! But it also works the other way around for me. Something I hear, a challenge, an emotion make me want to tell a story. Then I go searching for a picture that fits with that story. Scrapping without a picture is not my thing I have to say!

What is your favorite part of scrapbooking/memory-keeping? Really, I love the whole process: taking pictures, getting the story I want to tell, the creative process and the journaling itself. All together it is the thing what makes me addicted…

What do you find the most challenging about scrapbooking/memory-keeping? The most challenging for me is to share my very personal and emotional journaling with people I love. Sharing it online is not really a problem for me, because I can’t see what people think about it. But when my loved ones read my journaling when I’m around, I’m a bit afraid. Afraid that they don’t agree or something. That never happens, but I find it hard to let them see inside me…

How has your scrapbooking changed since you first started? (or has it?) When I first started my pages were clean and simple. I developed more rich and more embellished pages, with a lot of layers.

Please share one piece of advice on how to capture everyday real life memories for others new to scrapbooking and/or memory-keeping… What I keep in mind is this: You don’t remember days, you remember moments! So document the moments so you can remember all the little details and how you felt. Don’t be afraid of what other people will think, do it for yourself and your loved ones. A perfect page is a page which capture the feelings, not a perfectly designed page!


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