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Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #29… Extended

As I typed this post, I had reached an interesting milestone. My camera photo count had turned back to zero. That’s right, in just about three years I had taken 10,000 photos. That is a little more than 10 photos a day.

Now, considering that not every day is a big occasion, it’s fair to say that many of them are everyday photos. And, considering that I am a WAHM with a child at school, it’s also fair to say that a fair number have no people in it. I love taking photos of the interesting things in my life. It started out as just photography practice but when I look at them, I really see little snippets of my life.

My kitchen is the most colourful room in the house and is such a lovely reflection of my family. The signs of a daughter who loves to experiment and participate are so evident. My coffee mugs don’t match. My measuring set has lost a few spoons. The spoon rest and fridge magnets were bought on different holidays. It is photographic evidence of our first family home. This kitchen tells a story of a family. It’s a reflection of a life lived.

When it comes to memory keeping, this is important. We see so many photographs of kids at the beach, the first day of school and celebrations. These all tell very important stories, especially when there are traditions involved. But they are not a full reflection of our lives.

You see, we don’t live our lives from one celebration and milestone to another. There are days in between. Some of those days are good and some are really bad. There are days involving a burst water pipe and ones involving a perfectly baked soufflé (I wish.) One day you’ll find that you have an inordinate amount of shoes. On another you might discover how photogenic your pets are. All of these things form part of your life and tell a story about you. And instead of allowing future generations to guess why they inherited that ugly lampshade… tell the story yourself. By adding the story behind our everyday objects we create heirlooms. Not of the rare antique china variety but the kind where two or maybe three generations use the same Girl Guide enrollment badge.

Here’s a small selection of those 10,000 photos I had taken over the three years.

You see, a nifty collection of photos without journaling is just a nifty collection of photos. Adding the story behind each one, paints a very detailed picture of my life. A picture I want to share. That is what memory keeping is all about.

So while practicing and learning to use your camera, take pictures of the inanimate objects around you. Let future generations see the different sides of you. Your major shoe collection tells a different story than a perfectly crafted princess party but they’re both facets of you. Embrace that and allow your eccentricities to shine.


Chantal StoberI am a mom to Nikita, wife to Stephen, project manager and volunteer teacher’s aid. I live in sunny South Africa. You can learn more about me at


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