Meet the 2012 Design Team: Andrea Friebus

Get to know Andrea Friebus…

Your Name: Andrea Friebus

Where you live (city/state/country): La Habra, CA  USA

Your most commonly used username in the scrapbooking word: andreafriebus

Blog URL: 

Andrea FriebusPlease tell us a little about yourself, your family, your background… I have been married for nine years to my husband Chris, who is a Camera Assistant in the Motion Picture Industry. I’m a stay-at-home mom to our five-year-old son, Mason, who definitely keeps me busy. Besides scrapbooking, I love all things Harry Potter and Star Wars and am totally addicted to Project Runway and Diet Pepsi.  

How did you become a scrapbooker or memory-keeper? For months, my sister kept bugging me to try it. Finally, she dragged me into a scrapbook store. Once I saw all the cool papers and embellishments, I was hooked.

How would you describe your scrapbooking style? I call my style “Las Vegas Lights” … it’s bright, bold, colorful, and has a lot going on.

When do you scrapbook? How much time do you spend on this activity during a typical week? I scrap when my son is in school or after he goes to bed at night. My scrap desk is in the living room and is off limits to everyone but me so sometimes I can work on a layout in progress when I have some spare time during the day.

What is your favorite way to capture the journaling part of your scrapbooking? I really like to journal on strips of paper. I can control the size and placement of the strips on the layout and if I mess up, it’s easy to redo the single strip with the mistake on it.

What story from the past do you most wish had been documented so you and/or your family could enjoy it now? When I was little, my family would make up these really silly jokes about our dog. We would all be laughing for hours! I can only remember a few of them now so I really wish these jokes had been written down.

What is your favorite source of scrapbooking or design inspiration? I love scrapbooking magazines! I have subscriptions to all of them and get excited when a new one comes in my mail box. I pore over each one and mark techniques I want to try or designs I like.

What is your favorite part of scrapbooking/memory-keeping? Shopping for new supplies, of course!!

What do you find the most challenging about scrapbooking/memory-keeping? Learning Photoshop. There are a lot of things I would like to learn to do but I’m too impatient (or lazy) to figure them out.

How has your scrapbooking changed since you first started? (or has it?) Since I started scrapbooking nine years ago, I feel as though I have improved in all areas, including my photography, design, journaling, and color choices. I also don’t do sticker sneeze any more!!

Please share one piece of advice on how to capture everyday real life memories for others new to scrapbooking and/or memory-keeping… There’s no right or wrong way to do it…just document what you feel is important to you.

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