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Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #20… Extended

So as I write this post, I actually have my pink blackberry next to me and I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of my Playbook.

Thanks to Pinterest, I have seen a wealth of ideas for family/household binders. The idea really appealed but I did not want a paper-based system. My delightful husband, who apparently does more than stare at the progress bar for a living, offered to write me a home organization software program which I can access via my laptop, phone or tablet. This means that I have one system at hand no matter where I am.

I wanted to document this piece of my life for many reasons. The first being that, I am revolutionizing the way I organize my life and home. The technical specification for this software is entirely my own. It will be a pretty impressive piece of software, and well… has the potential to do so much.

In my on going effort to document “A life lived,” I also feel it’s important to scrap how that life actually works. How I keep (barely) sane, and how I manage to have time to document that life. These are all snippets of me and form part of my full story.

The big bonus of an electronic to-do list is that I also have pretty accurate list of what I was doing when. I’ve discovered that my to-do lists are actually fundamental to creating those everyday pages since my dates are more accurate. I also have a record of why I took certain photos.

When you are in the habit of photographing the everyday, you take many random pictures and upload them to your PC as soon as the memory card gets full. At the very least you’ll be taking photos faster than you’ll be able to scrap them. It is very likely that over time you’ll lose track of the photos you don’t scrap immediately.

As mentioned earlier, one way I keep track of it is to refer back to my to do lists. My favorite way, however, is by using a little website called Oh Life. It is primarily an online journaling site but different than a blog in that it is completely private. The basic idea is that you’ll get an email every day and you reply with a note on what you’ve done for the day.

I don’t use it as a journal to keep my deep dark secrets. I use it as a log of our day-to-day activities. I certainly don’t have an entry for every day but I try to do a wrap-up at least once a week. It’s my way of keeping track of the little things. Our lives are so filled with the business of being responsible adults that we forget to celebrate when we close a credit card. Keeping track of these little things reminds us that there is much to celebrate despite our hectic lives.

A few other ideas I use to jog my memory for random photos I’ve taken is to use my blog, Facebook, school newsletters and other correspondence. Also, by holding on to birthday cards you are more likely to be able to attach names to faces from birthday party photos.

I’m always looking for ideas on how to keep my journaling as accurate and detailed as possible, so please, tell me how you keep track of those hard-to-remember details.


Chantal StoberI am a mom to Nikita, wife to Stephen,  project manager and volunteer teacher’s aid. I live in sunny South Africa. You can learn more about me at


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