Documenting the Daily Internet Habit

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #19… Extended

To say that I’m addicted to the internet would be an understatement.  Everyday I’m at my computer multiple times a day checking my emails, looking up something on Amazon, checking out the scrapping forums, reviewing our daily schedule on Cozi, and catching up with friends on Facebook.

It really is amazing that I get any other work done in a day… lol!  So, when I first saw this challenge, I knew I had to document what websites I go to first thing every morning.

The layout pretty much came together… I knew that I wanted to show how much pull the internet has on my daily schedule and that once I’m sitting at my desk and on the web, I’m “sucked” in… and I thought it was a bit clever to represent this with a wind swirl.  I tend to spend so much time that I feel that the lost of the beauty (the flowers) around me tend to get pushed to the side.

What are your favorite websites? Is it part of your morning routine? Do you take the internet to go via your phone? This is one area that I have get to get into… my husband has a smart phone and it has come in handy when we are on a vacation and I can still “check-in,” however I haven’t gone so far as saying that I personally need a smart phone… yet. I think once my son is involved in more things outside of home where I have to wait for him or attend sporting events, I will put an iPad on my wishlist.


Rebecca Kuchenbecker

I’m a 30-something digital and hybrid scrapper who lives in Wisconsin with my hubby and five-year-old son.  When I’m not documenting our lives through words and photos, I enjoy cooking and photography…. and surfing the internet… ha ha.


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