Sharing the Story of My “Home” Job

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #17… Extended

I do actually work part-time but I also have a “home” job.  I decided to do the home job, although I would like to do a page on my “proper” job sometime.

My desk is where I spend most evenings, which is when I do a lot of the things I put in the journaling. I also thought a desk would represent a job – which is what the challenge is about.  So I started by taking photos of my desk and little things on it – my stapler, my keyboard, photos on top of it, books, etc. I placed them randomly on the page and then I wrote the journaling – adding to it every time I thought of something else!

And then I searched through my stash for elements to do with my “home” job and my desk and the journaling.  The Windows, the Photoshop, the paperclip, the key, the string, the screw, the flowers and the feather (gardening), the buttons, etc. They all represent my “home” job.  I actually though it was a bit of a messy page – but in reality, my desk is a mess!!

Some other ideas (apart from my part-time job) would be – my job as a mother to ensure my children are brought up well. My job as a human being is to ensure the planet is a good place in the future. My job as a pet owner is to ensure my dog is walked/fed/watered and played with. My job as a friend is to ensure my friends are well, happy and content.  In fact this challenge has inspired me to make pages of each of these!


Suzie GriffithI am mum to George (11) and Thomas (6) and live in Perth, Western Australia. I was a paper/traditional scrapper for 6 months before discovering digital in April 2009 and have never picked up a 12×12 paper ever since!!  My blog:

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