Showcasing a Sweet Letter+Childhood Handwriting

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #12… Extended

This challenge instantly made me think of my son.  He has a habit of writing love letters and I believe handwritten communication is a lost art.  For my son it is the only means of communication at this point in his young life because he doesn’t have an email address or a phone in which he can text (thank goodness!).

Without his knowledge I have been scanning these letters before he brings them to school.  I have wanted to find a way that I could tell the story and showcase his sweet letters.  This challenge was the perfect fit for the ideas tumbling around my brain.

I instantly envisioned notebook products and school supplies.  I had in my mind things he may use like tabs, tags and paper.  I couldn’t locate a template that worked so I sketched out my idea.  I knew in the back of my head I had a picture from when he started kindergarten and knew that would be the perfect visual to go with his letters.

Now I normally don’t use pink or hearts on my son’s pages but I wanted to express what a romantic this kiddo is.  So I decided to go with pastels to soften it up.  The clip allowed me to show the letters large enough to read them and still have an element of design.

I simply love challenges like this one that result in a very real memory that I want to have forever.  It would be a tragedy to have these items stuffed in a box and the story lost in the dust.    I really encourage people to use that scanner.  It helps with the bulk of children’s artwork, letters and even family recipes written in grandma’s beautiful handwriting.


Jennifer DeLorenzoI am Jennifer DeLorenzo and the only thing I love more than scrapbooking is photography.  Lucky for me they go hand in hand!   I love to go beyond just the event pages and really tell my family’s story.  Time goes just too fast these days and I really think scrapbooking is a way to slow that down and make you cherish the short time we have here.

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