Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #12

Personal Connections: WEEKLY CHALLENGE #12

Time Capsule Ideas:

* letters
* greeting cards
* notes
* messages on a chalkboard or memo board


"Love Letters" ~ Digital Layout by Jennifer DeLorenzo

"Love Letters" ~ Digital Layout by Jennifer DeLorenzo


Get those creative juices flowing…

*  Do you send handwritten thank you notes or birthday cards?
*  Does a written note mean something different to you than the same message by email or text message?
*  When was the last time you sent or received a personal note or card? What was the occasion? Did you save it?
*  Do you save some greeting cards but not others?
*  Is there something you wish you had in writing but you don’t?
*  Is there more to the story of a particular note or card you have saved?


Documenting this part of your life now may help others…

* Appreciate the lost art of letter or personal note writing and their impact on you and/or others.
* Learn the stories behind the sentiments.


Other ideas

*  Sort collections of old greeting cards which include personal messages by sender or season and bind them together into a mini album.
* Pair special messages with favorite photos of the sender and/or recipient in a layout or album.


Additional 2012 Design Team sample layouts for Weekly Challenge #12 may be found in this week’s Challenge Galleryif you complete this challenge yourself, please consider posting your project in the gallery as well so others may be inspired by YOU!

Coming tomorrow on the Time Capsule blog… additional inspiration to help you complete Weekly Challenge #12 from this week’s sample layout artist, Jennifer DeLorenzo.

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