Letting “Home” Take Center Stage

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #10… Extended

I have always wanted to do a page (even an album) of where we live today – not more on the house itself since we are renting and have yet to own our own home but of the town we live in. As I’ve said in my page, moving from the city to the mountains was a HUGE change but one that we didn’t regret making.

The challenge for me in doing the page was getting the pictures. I knew somehow I wanted to include a map of where we live and some rough statistics about our town, to illustrate how small and rural it is. Thankfully, at this day and age, that is something very easy to do. Basically, I wanted to do so MANY things but decided that a template (I used a Cindy Schneider template) with my FEELINGS and my PERSPECTIVE on how we view our current living situation would be best. I have plenty of time to capture our quaint little town as it is, since we have no plans on moving away anytime soon.

Country Living layoutOur home or where we live is something that I feel should be documented and in our albums from time to time, especially when noticeable change has occurred – you moved houses, did renovations, changes in your neighborhood. Being someone who lived in six houses in six different cities when growing up, I always miss and look for telltale signs in the form of pictures of our house and the little random memory bits I remember in my childhood. Wouldn’t it be awesome to actually show your child where she spent her first few years, or her bedroom, or the grocery stop you always went to? And I’m not talking about it being in the background of your many pictures – it can be the main focus of your page!

On my page, for example, I decided to enlarge our backyard. It was the very first thing I fell in love with when I saw the place, and there are many memories of my youngest child playing in the grass with her playmates. I wrote about some brief descriptions on how living in our town goes, transportation-wise and the general living conditions too.

And you know what? This challenge totally inspired me to do a “This Is Our Town” album. I want to capture the different areas we frequent, like the grocery, church, favorite eat out place and do maybe one Day in the Life on the Road spread. Ten years from now, when I am sure our little town has progressed and boomed, this would be such a cool album to look back to!


Aggie AvisoAggie Aviso is a 30-something-year-old mom with two degrees under her name  – Medical Technology and Nursing – who has chosen to stay and work from home so she can take care of her two kids. She lives in a very nice, albeit rural place in the Philippines after living most of her life in busy Manila, her country’s capital.


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