Project 2012 Documented: A Peek at Week #1

Today a peek at my first week’s attempt at Project 2012 (Project Life+2012 Memory Logbook), as mentioned in my post last Friday.


Project 2012 - Two-page spread - Week 1


I spent a sizable chunk of my time Sunday playing around with this project, tweaking things here and there from my original plan to figure out what would work best on a long-term basis. My biggest tweak is that I was feeling a bit bored by the idea of limiting my album pocket pages to just items from my 2012 list … I had originally thought this would make the project less overwhelming but instead I was feeling deprived of the fun of including other bits and pieces of our everyday life.

So for now, I am including both – everyday family highlights on the left-handed spread each week…


Project 2012 - left spread


…and more me-focused, project-oriented stuff on the right…


Project 2012 - right spread


My tendency is to want to try to capture EVERYTHING from the week, which with four kids, a husband and multiple roles and activities would be pretty unrealistic on a week-in/week-out basis. So to help satisfy my urge to do that but on a smaller scale, I incorporated a list of weekly highlights on the date card, an idea gleaned by the approach I’ve noticed Cathy Zielske taking on some of her projects.


Weekly highlight list


It was really easy to just think back through the past week to create this list, aided by the notes I’ve been keeping in my Memory Logbook, so I feel pretty confident this is a practice I can easily maintain over the course of the year.

The card inserted between the two pages has my 2012 list on the front, which I had lots of fun stitching with my new SINGER Pixie-Plus craft sewing machine.


Stitched tabbed goal card


The tab and letter stickers are from Fancy Pants Designs and were part of a super fun order of paper scrapbooking supplies delivered this week from my Memoryworks consultant friend. Though it’s feeling a little foreign to work with actual supplies again instead of my normal digi habit, I am thoroughly enjoying the process and feel pretty good right now about my decision to move in a more hybrid direction with my scrapping.


Blog post in pocket


On the back of the goal list is a little library pocket from Martha Stewart Crafts with a printout of my original blog post outlining my Project 2012 list and plans, which helps explain the list on the front of the card and will remain with the album even if I eventually ditch that blog itself.

Another tweak to my original plans … I had intended to add my Move More, Eat Well 2012 album pages to this book but after spending a little more time familiarizing myself with that project, I decided I’d prefer to keep them separate. So that wraps up my Week #1 Project 2012 pages … now I just need to back-track and finish my title page. This is as far as I’ve gotten on that…


Twenty 12 title page starter


The twenty 12 image is a digi stamp offered by Ali Edwards at Designer Digitals… I’m not sure what else I want to add to the title page yet, but like everything else in this project, I’m sure it will come to me as I continue to work and play with it.

Thanks for following along … I don’t envision sharing my Project 2012 pages every week but will post from time to time when I feel inspired to do so. I’d love to hear about YOUR 2012 scrapping so far… feel free to leave a comment!

Don’t forget… leave a comment on last Friday’s post for a chance to win a free download of the 2012 Memory Logbook!

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