Combining Approaches to Capture Everyday Memories

As the holiday season has gotten underway, much of the buzz in the scrapbooking community has focused on the popular December Daily project pioneered by Ali Edwards … the practice of documenting memories day by day throughout this holiday month leading up until Christmas Day.

Mixed in with that excitement has been the highly anticipated release of Becky Higgins’ latest products for her Project Life approach to everyday memory keeping, which boiled down to its most basic form involves the pairing of photos and journaling with pre-designed journaling cards and other products designed to help you focus more on capturing your life’s experiences and less on choosing products or crafting the perfect layout.

There’s even been talk of combining both approaches during this holiday season, including Katie Nelson, aka Katie the Scrapbook Lady, who promises to share her progress doing so this month on her blog.

It is this combined approach I personally am most interested in following this month, as it is similar to the way I envision my own scrapbooking taking shape during the coming year.

As a digital scrapbooker, I love the flexibility, control and convenience of capturing my family memories entirely on screen and then having pages printed and slipped into my albums. But over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed I have become far less interested in the process of designing an actual layout and tend to find myself more interested in the stories themselves, regardless of what format they take.

I’ve also felt a desire for more of the tactile experience that comes with looking at and actually handling the photos, journaling cards, labels and other bits and pieces of ephemera that are so prevalent in many Project Life or paper-style albums. I’m not ready to give up digital scrapbooking and never will… but I do want to incorporate more of these other approaches into my everyday memory keeping.

Combined Project Life+Memory Logbook+Weekly Challenge approach to memory keeping

It is with these thoughts in mind that I designed the 2012 Memory Logbook and accompanying Real Life Scrapbooking Weekly Challenges book with the theme, “Time Capsule.” It was my goal to further enhance these tools for memory keepers of all kinds, including those like me with an interest in Project Life, story-based memory keeping, incorporating more memorabilia into our albums, and even Project 365 or the popular Smash Book line, and it is my plan to use all of these types of products together in my own memory keeping during 2012.

I’m still contemplating just what form this approach will take and how I will use these items together. At the moment, I’m envisioning tackling the Weekly Challenge each week from the Time Capsule book and using that to create an actual digital scrapbook layout, but then supplementing this with a Project Life-style pocket page and a goal of following a Project 52 type format. I’ll then use the Memory Logbook as a way to capture all of the information for these items as we go along… and to save me from losing anything important along the way when I inevitably encounter weeks where it just doesn’t all get done.

What is YOUR plan for memory keeping in 2012? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas…



  1. caseytoney says:

    I too am contemplating all the options….I want to keep track…really keep track of 2012. While not much of a digital scrapper…I am thinking I might want to purchase simple and inexpensive software (any recommendations would be helpful)…so I can scrap on the fly. I just rec’d my two books from your site today…and while excited…I am also processing how I want to approach the new year….do I want to sign on to the projects mentioned…should I could on daily inspiration on THIS site? all the fun little questions going on in my head…….

  2. I was a paper scrapper, then I tried digital scrapbooking, but like you really missed the papers and photos. 2012 will be my third year using your log your memory book, cannot ever see myself not having this necessary tool. This past April I began Project Life. At first I wasn’t sure about it, but after seeing how awesome Ali’s books were I decided to give it a try. I loved that she put so many little things from life in there, like cards, receipts, tags etc. I actually went back through my 2010 photos and for that year and this past year have been doing a month in review approach. I will continue to do that in 2012. I also bought a smash book a few months ago and love it; that’s where I keep things that don’t quite fit in to my Project Life. I’m also doing Ali’s December Daily, this will be my third year. Love what you, Becky and Ali have brought to this industry! Ya’ll have made my scrapbookin’ so much more doable and fun!

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