How to Do Housework, Sarah Style

I usually feel like my biggest struggles revolve around housework. I usually have so much to do and I’m a pro at putting things off.

In fact these two layouts, I can totally relate to…
"What I Should Be Doing..." by ScrapKat

"What I Should Be Doing..." by ScrapKat


"Clean Four Letter Word" by neenee

"Clean Four Letter Word" by neenee


Over the past few months, however, I’ve really worked at incorporating housework into my everyday life. Not just something that I do when things get so bad that it drives me nuts. My system might be a little over the top but it works for me. I have three different lists that I follow.


Daily ChoresFirst is a list of chores that I have to do everyday, without fail. These include things like making the bed, doing dishes and laundry and sweeping the kitchen after dinner. These are my priority chores. The things that if I don’t do everything starts to slip.


I even made this cute chore list using the Hello Sunshine digital scrapping kit by Mari Koegelenberg. I love how bright it is and that it catches my attention whenever I’m in the kitchen. I put my chore list in a page protector and just use a wet erase marker and wipe it off at the end of each day.


The second list I have have is a must do today list. This list doesn’t only include housework, but it often includes things like vacuum the living room, clean desk, and clear kitchen table.


Must Do Today Planner PageI actually keep this in a planner by Studio C that I bought really inexpensively at Walmart that has everything predated, with check off boxes for things that you complete. I also use this to plan outings and appointments as well.


We don’t have a lot of stuff that we have to remember so this system really works well for me because if we do have an appointment, it shows up on my must do today list.


Autofocus systemMy last list is a general housework list that I created using Mark Forster’s Autofocus system. This includes everything that I can think of that needs to be done in addition to my daily chores.


I try to spend at least 30 minutes every day working off this list, and when I come to a page I challenge myself to do at least one item off the page, so even the stuff that I tend to put off will eventually get done.
This usually includes things like cleaning behind the stove and moving furniture to vacuum. Apparently the things I put off all require moving heavy items.


Although my house is far from perfect, and I doubt I will ever have the perfect magazine worthy home, I find that by following these systems I can at least keep on top of things, wipe away the dust from time to time and not feel like I’m spending all of my time on housework.


  1. Sarah – very interesting – I like your list ideas and checked out the Auto focus system – this may actually be what I was looking for – your timing is perfect!

  2. I NEEDED this post today! I am a clean-freak by nature, but I have been so busy that things have become overwhelming! I am going to implement your chore list idea (for myself AND everyone else who lives here). And I need to check out Autofocus. Thanks!

  3. Hi ladies…Thanks so much for your comments on this post. I totally love autofocus. It has completely changed the way I make my to do lists and it feels like so much more is getting done now. I actually have two lists. One just for housework and then another for everything else. I originally had it all on one list but the housework stuff wasn’t coming around again fast enough for me that way. I’m totally thrilled with how easy it is to use.

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