What Did YOU Want To Be When You Grew Up?

Melissa Shanhun Challenge Team

Melissa Shanhun Challenge Team

I’ve always had dreams of what I’d be when I grew up. I dreamed of being an author, artist, of leaving my mark on the world. I remember in primary school talking to my friend about how I was concerned that I should achieve something “great” in my life so people would remember me after I was gone.

I changed my tune over the years, thinking maybe teaching or art would suit me. Eventually I realized that my preferred niche of botanic art in Western Australia didn’t have many job prospects.

I studied IT (among other more obscure topics) at university and worked in records management, making sure educational and government organizations left their mark on society well documented. Thinking back now, I should have known I was destined to work in a technical field.


As I moved towns and dropped down to part-time work, I stumbled across a hobby that would help me fill my desire to preserve my thoughts and experiences for the future.

That love of art and writing has never left, so scrapbooking was the perfect fit for me.

 "Thankful for Scrapbooking"

I’m now teaching scrapbooking part-time and love it. I wonder what other twists and turns in my career are still to come?

As you think back about “what you want to do when you grow up,” did your path twist and turn or has it been smooth sailing?

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