A Combo Album Approach to Scrapping My First 10K

Like many scrapbookers, my approach to memory keeping has changed several times over the years depending upon my current interests, access to resources and availability of time to spend on the activity.

When I first started getting serious about digital scrapbooking, I was all about the 12×12 layout and it was not uncommon for me to produce as many as 10 or more per week for months on end.

Currently I’m much more random, and lately I’ve been very drawn to memory keeping via combo albums… combining traditional layouts with photos in pocket protectors and mixing a variety of page sizes within a single album. I love the convenience and fun of all the different pocket pages now available, plus it gives me a little bit of the paper scrapping aesthetic without the paper scrapping mess & frustration. I’m also much more inclined to scrap only when a story grabs me as opposed to feeling the need to document every photo and memory that crosses my path.

For instance, I just completed my first 10K race earlier this month. After doing very, very little in terms of exercise for the past several years and not feeling good about that, I finally pushed myself out the door last April to start a Couch-to-10K program. I finished that program in the middle of July and kept up my new habit of either walking or running for 45-75 minutes every weekday morning, culminating in a rather last-minute decision to enter the longest race offered at the local Chokecherry Run.

As a lifelong collector of memorabilia (trust me… I have the boxes to prove it!), you can bet I was planning on saving & scrapping that race bib before I even had it in my possession! And when my husband and daughters popped up unexpectedly along the race route with camera in hand, I started occupying my mind during that long hot run with thoughts of how I might use those photos he was snapping. Needless to say, it wasn’t long after I crossed the finish line that I was busy scrapping this particular story in my journey.


10K Pages Closeup

My memory keeping process for this particular event actually started on the morning of the race when I took a few minutes to blog about my pre-race thoughts. I went back later in the day to update my post with my post-race view and several of the photos taken by my husband.

Doing so made it very easy to pull together my scrapbook pages because I just copied and pasted my post as my journaling, which I did using a pair of 6×12 layouts with the pre-race journaling on the front and the post-race thoughts on the back. I created nearly all of my materials digitally in standard print sizes, then cut them apart to assemble in the album after getting them back from the printer.

For instance, my pre- & post-race pages were created as a 12×12 layout which I later trimmed in half to slide into the 6×12 sleeve. The same is true for the background I used for my race bib and the photo I placed on the reverse side of that page. Several smaller square photos went into pockets, so I pulled all of those onto another 12×12 layout with white lines to use as trimming guides. I also incorporated an aerial map with the race route marked, which I backed with an 8×8 photo from the race. I sent all of this to the printer

Combo Scrapbook Pages - PreassemblyThese are the various page protectors I used to pull it all together…

12×12 Page Protector


Once my package of prints arrived, I just trimmed each piece & slipped it into the pockets in my “39 and Counting” album. The first page you see is this, which has my pre-race thoughts with the route map peeking out as well as the title part of the page that holds the race bib…

10K Pages - 1


Turn the page, and you see my post-race thoughts and the full race map…

10K Pages - 2


Turn the page again and there’s that bright pinky red bib plus some of the earlier race photos, along with a trimmed out piece of the registration form and the “go beyond yourself” quote card from a random paper scrapping kit I still had lying around, backed by one of the squares cut from my print order.

10K Pages - 3


The last spread includes the rest of the photos, plus the newspaper article that lists all of the finishers and times.

10K Pages - 4


The whole thing was pretty quick to put together, I love the combination of digital convenience and the hands-on feel of the various pieces in the pockets, and most importantly… it’s done and there for later enjoyment and reminiscing. (Perhaps after I finish my first half-marathon??)

10K Pages - 5


How about you? What is your favorite approach to scrapping right now?



  1. First, CONGRATS!

    Second, I love how you did your pages for this. I haven’t scrapped in so long and after following along with Project Life for a little while now and loving how it all looks, I am thinking this approach may work to help me get back to scrapping and blogging.

    Again, LOVE your pages!

    • Kristin Rutten says:

      Thanks Dawn 🙂 I’m definitely leaning more toward Project Life style scrapping these days. In fact, the 2012 Memory Logbook should fit in quite nicely with the approach. 😉

  2. I love your album. Not that I’ll ever be doing a race album!

    This kind of album is so great for documenting events that have more photos & memorabilia than you want to put on a layout.

    I really love albums with mixed page sizes. It works so well.

    Congratulations on participating in the race, and having photos to prove it 🙂

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