Last Chance to Get a 2011 Logbook+Important Announcements

As we round out the month of June and reach the official half-way mark of 2011, a few announcements…


LAST CHANCE to pick up a 2011 Memory Logbook!

Today is your last chance to pick up a 2011 Memory Logbook before it permanently disappears from the shelves!!

That means beginning tomorrow morning, you will no longer be able to purchase the following products:

2011 Memory Logbook Series Memory Logbook 2011: Full-Year (Print)

Memory Logbook 2011: Full-Year (Download)

Memory Logbook 2011: July to December (Print)


Sale prices are still in effect, with most titles in the 2011 series discounted at least $5. It’s literally now or never for this product line, so hop on over to the store right now before it’s too late and pick up a copy for yourself or your favorite memory keeper!


Changes To the LYM Forum

With the popularity of Twitter and Facebook as platforms for connecting with other members, the need for our own community forum has significantly decreased. Rather than continue to spend time & resources on a feature that does not seem to be meeting the needs of our community any longer, beginning tomorrow morning, July 1st, we will be shutting down most of our forum.

A few sections will remain open for use as support and information sharing. Also, if you have access to a private part of the forum, such as our paid workshop members and special teams, you will still be able to access those areas.

Additionally, I’m excited to announce for the first time that some big plans are in the works for a very special members-only feature to be added to the Log Your Memory site in connection with the introduction of the 2012 Memory Logbook!! Stay tuned…


A Little Break for our Guest Designer Program

A big thank you to Shirley Polk of Wild Blueberry Ink for generously sharing her time & talents with us as our June Guest Designer!

Summer has proven once again to be very busy, with less participation on the site as everyone enjoys getting outside & spending more time following other pursuits. For that reason, we will be taking a small break from the Guest Designer program for the months of July & August, with plans to bring you our next special guest in September. That means we won’t be having the usual freebies each week for these two months only. We also will not be scheduling any chats during this time.

Rest assured… the fun will return in the fall as we send kiddos off to school and get back to a more “normal” routine! 🙂


Memory Logbook 2011


  1. JUST TODAY, July 5th, did I come across your “Log Your Memory” site and found that I am unable to order a Memory Logbook for the remainder of the year. So sad! If you find that you have any left would it be possible to get one for myself? I found you through Stephanie Ackerman’s blog in ther archives.
    Thank you!

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