Time to Say GOOD-BYE to Scrapbooker’s Guilt

If you’ve ever struggled with scrapbooker’s guilt … you know, that “I SHOULD be more organized and I SHOULD be scrapbooking more and I SHOULD journal more and I SHOULD be better about logging my memories and the big one… I’ll NEVER get caught up“, then I hope you’ll feel some relief when you come to the same realization that I have over the past several months…

Kristin Rutten

Kristin Rutten

It’s okay. It really, truly is. And perhaps more significantly… there is a REASON you may not have it all together in terms of your memory keeping and that reason is NOT because you’re a pathetic excuse for a scrapbooker.

If you’re like me … and I’ll bet a lot of you are … your lack of consistently doing all of the above is because first of all, there is no ONE always-the-same-way-day-in-and-day-out system that truly works for you. There just isn’t.

If you are attracted to memory-keeping in general, and scrapbooking specifically, it’s probably because you have things you want to remember and there’s at least a thread of creativity in your  body.

That combination typically equals BUSY as well as open to exploring, trying new things, putting your own stamp on what you do and in general, continually searching for your own UNIQUE approach to memory-keeping.

In other words, you don’t easily fit into a mold that comes with a step-by-step instruction manual for how to always be organized, up-to-date and “perfect” in your scrapbooking. Chances are that what worked for you last year doesn’t work quite so well today … and while you may have adapted your life to make it work, you may NOT have adapted your definition of “good scrapbooker” along with it.

And the thinking that tends to result from that can lead to a lot of icky feelings if you let it, which is not conducive to positive memory-keeping or a happy life in general.

So what I’d like you to think about for a minute today is this… rather than focusing on all the SHOULDS and the stuff you are NOT doing, how about noticing the things you ARE doing…

I’ll bet you’re taking photos and/or shooting videos. (Been to as many end-of-the-school-year functions as I have lately?)

I’ll bet you’re noticing things you would like to remember.

I’ll bet you have visited a layout gallery here and there or read a post that inspired you.

I’ll bet a class or two has caught your eye and made you at least think about someday giving it a try.

I’ll bet you’ve shared your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook or via text message or a personal blog recently.

I’ll bet you’ve bought scrapbooking products recently or browsed a store or two just to see what’s out there.

I’ll bet you have been living life and reading, watching, talking, listening or doing SOMETHING that will eventually become a part of one of your scrapbook layouts.

All Things Creative BlogYou ARE being a fantastic scrapbooker if you’re doing any of these things … you simply need to drop or revise that definition in your head of what makes a good scrapbooker or memory-keeper.

How have I been a fabulous scrapbooker lately? Not by scrapping! Rather, I’ve been reading a ton of self-development books, keeping a gratitude journal, taking all kinds of photos, shooting hours of video, checking out several cool journaling books and just this morning, wrote and published this post on my personal (and until today very neglected) blog.


So… using your new & improved mindset, please tell us… how have YOU been a fabulous scrapbooker lately? Please share your story via a comment below…



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