An Easy Way to Journal About Loved Ones

Melanie Ritchie, LYM Challenge Team

Melanie Ritchie Challenge Team

Weekly Challenge #22 is a journaling challenge… Interview an important person in your life.

Interview someone? Who me? Sure, ok… but where to start?

Think about who you’d like to interview. If it is a child under five, you might want to have a back-up plan. I planned to interview my 3-year-old. That didn’t go so well. So in the end I interviewed myself. I gave myself 60 seconds to ask and answer my own questions. I had no idea what I was going to come up with but the time limit made it extra interesting for me.

Total spontaneity.

"60 Second Interview" by Melanie Ritchie

"60 Second Interview" by Melanie Ritchie

What had I intended to ask my daughter? It was simple stuff. Left out the world affairs and stuck to stuff like “what is the name of your favourite doll, what was the best part of today, what would you like for dinner, where do your cousins live?”

Some of the questions were asked in hopes that my daughter would say something really funny. For example, I didn’t know if she would name the city her cousins lived in, or whether she’d be more literal and say “a house”, or come up with something I couldn’t even imagine. Even the simplest questions can get exceptional answers. However, my daughter was not in the mood to answer my questions. So I went in a different direction.

"End of School Interview" by Lydia Tarbox

"End of School Interview" by Lydia Tarbox

Another option is to take an event you want to scrapbook, such as a vacation you took or just a particular photo of an event, and ask another person who shared the experience to describe what happened. Your interview might only consist of the “who, what, where, why, when, and how” of the situation, or you might come up with questions along the way. A question about a family picnic might end up revealing insights about a particular relative or an event that happened in your life that is triggered by the memory of that reunion.

Remember, you don’t even have to journal the whole interview. You might just use one or two things that were said. Or you could use the whole interview but highlight one answer by making it the title of the layout.

"Mother-Daughter Conversation" by flowersgal

"Mother-Daughter Conversation" by flowersgal


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  1. This is really an awesome suggestion! I am doing project life, and maybe I’ll do a page themed like this.

  2. Love the idea of asking kids questions and recording their conversations. Your LOs are just lovely!
    Happy scrapping!

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