Real Life Inspiration:Weekly Challenge #21 Layout of the Week

Layout of the WeekWeekly Challenge #21

Theme: Time to Work, Time to Play/Share an activity through a series of photos.

Selected by Challenge Team Member Melanie Riordan


"Plaster Art" by lisataz

"Plaster Art" by lisataz

This week’s theme of sharing the experience of a job or activity had me thinking of all the things that I could have shared in my daily life but, honestly, did not have the thought to bring out my camera and capture these moments.  Some of the things that I can think of are laundry, cooking dinner, my job, etc.  They may seem like a mundane thing at the time but each of those events are something that I do daily.  I wonder sometimes if how I do these things are different than when my mother or grandmother did them in their day.

Lisataz’s layout is a wonderful way of showing an event that will surely be treasured for years to come.  I love the colors and the great photos on this page. The splatter of paint just really highlights the effect of the story.  Thank you for sharing a part of you with us.


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