Fallen Behind on Your Logbook? Some Ideas to Get Back on Track…

I know I’m one to get really excited about a new project, dive in… and then get burned out really fast, so I thought I’d share some ideas on how you can bring your Memory Logbook up to date if you’ve fallen behind.

Sarah Brown, Challenge Team

Sarah Brown Challenge Team

Go through your Twitter and Facebook feeds. It’s amazing to me how much I post about my everyday life on these social networking sites. I use Twitter and Facebook for different groups (Twitter is all about the scrapbooking for me whereas Facebook is more about friends and family so I post different things on each). I was looking through my feeds last night and found lots of gems to put in my logbook pertaining to everyday life such as when we’ve been sick, what we’ve had for dinner, my mood on a given day, what the weather was like, what craft/scrapbooking projects I’m working on, and what my daughter is working on in school.

If you keep a separate calendar/planner for appointments, deadlines, etc. there is a wealth of information about your everyday life there as well. When you’ve had doctor appointments because you were sick or had a checkup, playgroups, classes, projects you’re working on, cultural events etc., record them in your logbook.

Memory LogbookYour stack of mail or email is another source of information for filling in your logbook as well, but may be a little harder to sift through. However you can find all sorts of things in personal letters or emails, information on products you’ve ordered, or you might even want to record prices of items from the weekly sale flyers (I probably have a month’s worth sitting in my living room right now).

Also don’t forget your photos… with digital photography, it’s easy to see the date and time a particular photo was taken, so as you go through your photos, if any conjure up a particular feeling or memory, make sure to jot something down quickly to help you capture these things. All you need is a sentence or two… if you want to write more, go for it but try not to get too bogged down in the details.

Other sources that might help:

  • Your personal blog
  • News websites
  • Your children’s school stuff
  • Your purse (receipts, notes to yourself, etc.)
  • Other members of your family (you may be amazed at the details they remember)


Then of course there’s the thing I have the most trouble with… giving myself permission to start again without going back and trying to play catch up. It’s better to start again in May without filling in April’s days then telling yourself that you need to do April first and not getting either accomplished.

So these are my ideas on how to play a little catch up (or not) with your Memory Logbook. I know I can’t be the only one who started off great intentions and then waned on my memory keeping. I’d love to hear if you have any more ideas for playing catchup on your logbook, or if you’ve given yourself permission to just skip a month or two and start again if you’ve let it go…


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  1. This is such a helpful reminder! I have used my facebook as a memory jogger before. Thanks so much for helping me stay on track!

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