Real Life Inspiration:Weekly Challenge #17 Layout of the Week

Layout of the WeekWeekly Challenge #17

Theme: Life Is So Daily/Count your everyday blessings.

Selected by Challenge Team Member Melanie Riordan


"Lucky" by Leontine78

"Lucky" by Leontine78

This week’s theme of Everyday Blessings had me thinking a little of the mundane things in my life that I sometimes take for granted.  When I look back and talk about things, it’s not the big events or anything like that.  I recall the people in my everyday life (husband, mother, father, kids) and the silly things about their personality or what they did.

This week’s layout with its bright, cheerful colors grabbed me along with the composition of circles along one half of the page and photo.  Although I don’t understand her journaling, I love that she was able to put a lot on the page without it looking cluttered.

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