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We got to know our April Guest Designer a bit last week with her fun sampler download and Wednesday’s Template Challenge Chat. Today she shares a bit more of herself through a Q&A-style interview. Read on to learn all about Krisi Lee of Krisi’s Kreations… and be sure to enter our giveaway contest for a chance to win the collection of Krisi’s hybrid scrapping goodies shown at the end of this post!

Kristi Lee, April Guest Designer

April Guest Designer Krisi Lee

Name:  Krisi Lee

Username:  Krisi616

Location:  San Francisco Bay Area (California)

Retail Outlet: ScrapMatters

Also Online at…

Please tell us a little about yourself … your family, your background, pets, hobbies, etc. I’m Krisi and I am from the San Francisco Bay Area where I have grown up since I was 5. I have been married 13 years and have two girls, 6 ½ and 3 ½. We don’t have any pets right now but this fall we might be getting a goldendoodle (golden retriever and poodle mix).  Besides designing, scrapbooking, photography, Disney, disaster preparedness, vacations and children, I don’t have much time for other things!  As it is I usually get about 5 or 6 hours sleep each night – if anyone can tell me how to get more and still have 18 hours a day to get things done I will gladly listen!

Are you a digital, paper or hybrid scrapper/designer? What do you like most about this method? I had been a paper scrapper for 15 years and have always been a fan of paper crafts. I went digital in the spring of 2007 for my scrapbook layouts but continued with paper crafts traditionally until early 2009 when I realized I could combine digital things with my paper crafting. I had a great time on the hybrid creative team at ScrapMatters.  I continue to digitally scrap my own scrapbook layouts and have even dabbled in digital design as well.  I love that the only mess is on my hard drive – which could use a good decluttering.  My craft room still has the supplies I use for hybrid stuff but the amount of stuff is much less without the need for multiple colors of paper, alphabet stickers, word art stickers, stamps etc.

Layout by Krisi Lee

How long have you been a designer & how did you first get started? As I said I have always enjoyed paper crafts,  so when given the opportunity in November of 2009 to open a store at ScrapMatters as Krisi’s Kreations – I jumped at the opportunity!  When I made the decision to create templates I wanted to fill a void in hybrid and I felt that was LARGER finished products that could be printed on standard paper still. I have a few two- and three-page templates that are easily put together to create great bags or boxes for gift giving.

Is scrapbook product design your full-time job? If not, what else do you do? Being a designer is not a full-time job for me, although some weeks I do put in a good amount of hours doing it! I am also a mom and wife, first and foremost. I am also a Registered Nurse, and a Shelf Reliance Consultant (  Right now being a Shelf Reliance Consultant and designer are taking up a good portion of my time.

Hybrid Project by Krisi Lee Hybrid Project by Krisi Lee

What software & platform do you use in your design work? Do you use any other special tools? I have an HP with Windows Vista on it – it has 8MB of RAM. The internal drive is 750GB and then I have three external drives – that are back ups – just in case! The external drives are 500GB, 1.2TB and 2TB.  I use PSE7 to scrap and to design.  I have a Cannon 50D that I learn to use on manual more and more each day, which I use for my preview images. My printer is an HP Officejet 6500 and I always use HP ink (it does make a difference!). For paper I either use Epson Ultra Premium Presentation paper in matte or Staples Double-Sided matte photo paper. I use a craft knife and a metal edge ruler for 95% of my cutting but I do have a Cricut Expression and Make The Cut software. In addition I have tons of ribbons, buttons, eyelets, and brads for additions to my projects.

Has your design style changed over time? What has influenced this? My design style has not changed that much as a hybrid designer but I do have more of a variety of items in my store now.  I am also working on adding cutting files to each of my older products so that people can cut using an electronic cutter to cut the templates out.  This is especially popular with paper crafters.

What is your biggest challenge as a scrapbook product designer? Not necessarily coming up with ideas – I have TONS of them – but creating something that others want as well. I love to hear what my customers are wanting and what they would like for me to create.

What has been the biggest reward or most fulfilling aspect of being a scrapbook product designer? I would say the biggest reward is seeing my products being used to bless the lives of others. As a hybrid designer my templates are creating things that people are going to be giving as gifts – what a blessing to see a template I made turned into a gift for someone.


"Money Card Templates" by Krisi's Kreations

"Money Card Templates" by Krisi's Kreations

Where do you get your product ideas? Who & what inspires you? Life in general gives me various ideas, packaging at the grocery store, gift ideas, gifts I have received… really anything crafty can give me new ideas. My CT is also great at giving me new ideas of things that they need as well.

How long does it typically take you to design a template from concept to delivery? What is your process? A template from start to finish usually takes about 10 days.  I create a rough sketch – often first on paper. I then create it digitally and print just the outline of the project and put it together to make sure it actually works.  Once that is done I go back in to finalize the template (meaning add in the fold and cut lines, create the various file types, and create the SVG files).  Then I create an example to use on the preview. I do the example digitally usually at night so it is ready to print in the morning when I won’t be waking anyone up and put it together during the day with my 3-year-old “helping” me out.  Then it needs to be photographed, uploaded and processed before being placed on the preview.  Phew… then it goes into the shop a week ahead of time (ideally) for my CT and the ScrapMatters store hybrid CT to use.

What has been your most popular product? My Matchbox Candy boxes…

"Matchbox: Candy Boxes" by Krisi's Kreations

"Matchbox: Candy Boxes" by Krisi's Kreations

And my calendar series – the 2012 one is HERE.

What is your favorite kit and why? My favorite product to date is my envelope series. I have three different sizes: invitation (regular card size), square, as well as one for money.  Having a matching envelope for a card is such a nice addition!  All of my card series now includes cutting files as well.

How do you incorporate “real life” scrapbooking into your personal & professional scrapbooking & design work? For my design work everything I create is something that you can use in “real life” – people love to get a gift that has been created by you. I have created framed things for baby shower gifts to card sets for others to give to a single card to brighten up someone’s day. For my personal scrapbooking – remembering the moments and daily activities is really the most important part. I try to scrapbook the little things while they are happening so I actually remember the details. If I can’t, I put some notes down in my LYM Memory Logbook so I can document it later.

Backpack Template: Jumbo

Backpack Template: Jumbo

Everyday Metal

Everyday Metal

What fills your time when you are NOT scrapbooking? When I am not scrapbooking, I am teaching and showing others how to incorporate THRIVE food into daily cooking, and also teaching about emergency preparedness.  I also maintain a family blog, a design blog and a blog for Shelf Reliance. As a family we like to take day trips as well as short vacations to some of the amazing places we have right around where we live.

What advice do you have for fellow scrapbookers interested in pursuing the scrapbook product design field? If you are interested in designing – figure out what is needed. There are TONS of designers out there, all wanting people to use their products, but ultimately you need to have something unique and different about your designs to stand out.

Anything else you’d like to add? Ummm.  Don’t think so!

And now, the goodies Krisi created just for us to go along with our April Challenge Theme “Life Is So Daily: Routines, Habits, Everyday Life” from the 2011 Memory Logbook.


"Label It: Swirl & Doodles" by Krisi's Kreations

"Label It: Swirl & Doodles" by Krisi's Kreations

"Perpetual Calendar" by Krisi's Kreations

"Perpetual Calendar" by Krisi's Kreations

"Write It Out: Daily Life" by Krisi's Kreations

"Write It Out: Daily Life" by Krisi's Kreations

All of these items will soon be available for purchase from Krisi’s store, but one lucky Log Your Memory blog reader will win the entire collection for FREE in today’s Guest Designer Giveaway. To enter, simply leave a comment below sharing something you LOVE about your own everyday life. One random winner will be drawn from all comments received here on the blog as of 1 p.m. (Mountain) Thursday, April 14th. Our winner will be announced Friday on the blog. Good luck!

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Krisi's Kreations


  1. One of my favorite things about my current everyday life is the fact that most days I choose not to use an alarm clock.

  2. I love that I come home each day to 2 adorable little puppies who kiss, hug and do tricks for me! Being with them makes me laugh and grin…guaranteed! Life is sweet. 🙂
    Hi Krisi, love your creations a lot.You’re a great designer and an inspiration. 🙂

  3. my favorite thing about my everyday is that I play a huge part in my nieces daily lives and therefore I am forming wonderful memories with them!

  4. Right now my favourite thing about my everyday life is when I sit down to relax in the evening and get to watch the little life inside of me move around. It is the most amazing feeling and I am totally captivated. Thanks for the chance, these are so versatile Krisi. One day I’d love to try your hybrid projects too, just haven’t had the time to give it a go.

  5. I love the routines of the everyday. Riding my son to school everyday on the back of my bike (picking him up too), reading stories before bed and making dinner every night while my kids do their homework in the kitchen.

  6. Something I LOVE about everyday life is the interaction with my grandchildren. There is always hugs, kisses and great conversations. Watching them grow up (so fast!) and the sweetness in their concern for me.

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