20+ Questions to Help You Scrap Life’s Decisions

Journaling prompts to help you document the decisions and choices you’ve made in your life …

1. How and why did you choose to live in the town where you currently live?

2. Do you have children? Was this a conscious decision? At what age did you make that decision?

3. Did you go to college? Why or why not? If yes, how did you choose your field of study? If no, how did you choose your current line of work?

4. Do you budget your spending? Has this always been your approach?

5. Are you single, married, divorced? What factors went into your decision to make that choice?

6. What are your household rules? To whom do they apply and what are the consequences for breaking them?

7. Do you own a TV? Have cable? Internet access? Video gaming system? Have you ever considered making changes in this area?

8. Do you attend church?

9. How many different jobs or occupations have you held so far in life? What led you to or away from each?

10. Did you take music, dance or other lessons as a child? Who made that decision? Do you still participate in those activities? Wish things were different?

11. Do you eat meat? Pay attention to your diet? Take vitamins? Eat out? Cook at home? Buy organic?

12. If you are a parent, do you work outside the home? Have your children attended daycare? What did your own parents choose for you?

13. Are you a saver or a tosser?

14. How many times have you moved in your life?

15. Do you recycle?

16. When you obtained your last vehicle, did you purchase it new? Used? Lease it? Receive it some other way? What factors led to that decision?

17. Do you or have you ever colored your hair?

18. Do you participate in regular exercise? Where does your health fall on your list of priorities?

19. Do you vote? Are you a Republican? Democrat? Other?

20. If you had it (any of the above) to do all over again, would you do anything differently?

2010 Real Life Scrapbooking Yearbook


  1. Thank you! Needed some ideas!

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