Love this past Valentine story. Not so thrilled with the past layouts.

February 14th … it’s one of those days that tends to bring out the best in us when life and love are treating us well … or can make us want to hide under a rock when cupid hasn’t been quite so kind lately.

I’ve had my share of Valentine memories … mostly good, like the way my mom would leave one of those little yellow rectangular boxes of chocolates for each of us on the breakfast table or the year my little guys and I made handprint cards for the grandparents. Of course, there a few memories I could do without, most of which involved awkward non-dating teenage years (I’ll spare you the details) or lonely post-divorce single mom years (I’ll spare you those, too).

And then there are a handful of Valentine’s Days that really stand out. One of those days was in 2002, the first Valentine’s Day my now-husband and I spent together. He and I were both working for the local newspaper at the time and had been dating for about eight months. Having been together that long, it’s safe to say I expected him to do something. But I definitely did not expect him to go to the lengths that he did.

I’ll get to the story in a minute, which will be easy because at the time I was just getting into digi-scrapping and documented the whole thing in a two-page spread. At the time, I thought it was a pretty cool couple of pages … I scanned some candy hearts, did some fun layering, used a frilly font and even figured out how to create rounded borders on the photos.

Having not looked at these early layouts in quite a while, I was a little less-than-thrilled when I actually dug it out today though. The story is still great, but the layout? Um, not my favorite… Valentine's Day Scrapbook Layouts Which brings me to my roundabout point today … the more we scrapbook, generally the better we get. That means that at some point, our earlier work is going to pale in comparison to our latest creations. So do you go back and re-do those earlier pages? Or do you resist the temptation and leave them as they are, a snapshot of not only the stories in your life at that time but where you were in your scrapping journey?

Personally, I’ve leaned toward the latter, mostly because I have far too many memories that I have NOT documented yet to feel like I have time to go back and re-do the ones I’ve already scrapped. But I must confess… it’s not easy. I love this story and I want to love the pages that share it, but to be honest … I really don’t love these ones I first did. Whether I eventually re-do them or not, remains to be seen.

How about you? Have you ever re-scrapped your earlier layouts? Ever been tempted? Have a philosophy one way or the other? I’d love to hear your experiences…

In the meantime, in case you’re curious about my Valentine story, here’s a closer look so you can read the journaling from those original pages … Valentine's Day 2002 Layout - Left SideValentine's Day 2002 Layout - Right Side Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope it’s a memorable one! Valentine's Day Sweet Deals

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