Time for Your Monthly Check-Up

Time sure flies… I’ve barely gotten used to writing “2011” on my checks and it’s already time to move into the second month of the year.

Now is the perfect time to take a few minutes to reflect back on the past month and catch up on any memory logging you might not have quite gotten around to. (Yes, I’m guilty of that too!!)

This is also a great time to spend 10 to 15 minutes filling out the Monthly Check-Up questionnaire from your Memory Logbook. This questionnaire is a simple list of prompts intended to be filled out at the end of each month throughout the year. Doing so serves a couple purposes – first, to remind you to look back on and reflect just a bit about the time that has already passed; and second, to help you track how your feelings, goals and general well-being changes over the course of a year.

Hint: If you’ve been making notes in your Memory Logbook all month, you might find it helpful to look back on those as you work through the questionnaire.

Monthly Checkup

Once you’ve filled out your Check-Up sheet, you may decide that is enough … and that is perfectly okay. You’ve answered the questions and already you’ve begun documenting memories that will be there for later reference and enjoyment.

However, if you want to take your monthly memory-keeping a step further, your completed questionnaire is a great place to find inspiration for scrapbook layouts or goal-setting.  Some ideas for using this documentation include:

  • Translate your answers into a month-at-a-glance type layout. A great source of ideas for this is Katie the Scrapbook Lady. Check out the cool Monthly Roundup she does every month and be prepared to be inspired to do something similar yourself.
  • Use an individual question and answer from the list as the prompt for an entire scrapbook page on that single topic.
  • Feel like you didn’t have any “good” answers to the questions this month? Take a few minutes to set some goals for next month so that you’ll have something more interesting to share at your next Check-Up.
  • Did answering the questions trigger ideas for stories or layouts you’d like to be sure to get done someday? Jot them down on your Logbook Story List before you forget.

To help get your creative juices flowing, check out these gallery examples of how others have captured monthly memories in the past  …

"January Month in Review" by tettletop20

"January Month in Review" by tettletop20

"2010 Life 365 November" by Tiff

"2010 Life 365 November" by Tiff

"ME.Right.Now" by Kristin Rutten

"ME.Right.Now" by Kristin Rutten

Okay… now it’s your turn. Go fill out that questionnaire RIGHT NOW and start a monthly habit you’ll be glad you’ve developed once the next January rolls around! Better yet, come back and let us know you did it with a comment below … perhaps you’ll motivate someone else to get it done as well!

Memory Logbook 2011

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