Goal: Putting That Dream Into Action

I can recall a few years ago, when all I wanted to do was get my college degree.

Mel Riordan, LYM Challenge Team

Mel Riordan, LYM Challenge Team

My parents spoke about it, my husband supported it, and my kids were anxious about their mother going back into the classroom.  I dreamed that I had returned and what it would be like to have my family around me on graduation day.

That was in 1993.  Although I was working full-time and going to school at night, I took a nine-year layoff when I switched jobs.  I could almost see the disappointment in my family’s eyes as each August came around and I still wasn’t registered for school.

In 2009, as I attended my cousin’s graduation from a technical school, I sat there in some sort of a daydream, wishing that it was me walking across the stage to get that diploma.  I looked over at my mother and she knew, immediately, what was going through my head.

The following week I registered for classes and found out that my work experience and accreditations that I had earned throughout the nine years would go toward my degree program.  I only had to go two semesters and I would be able to graduate.  I knew my dream was going to come true!

On May 10, 2010, I finally walked across that stage and an overwhelming feeling came over me.  I had my realized my dream, made it a goal, and 17 years later I was a college graduate.

How about YOU? What are your dreams?

What do you dream of?  Do you dream of a new car, bills to be paid or happiness for you and your family?  Or are these goals?

Prior to this year’s challenges, I thought the two were basically the same.  I hadn’t really put much thought into the difference.  Dreams do not have specifics attached to them.  They just pass us by without many details.  Goals are plans with specific steps to achieving what you want. (ie: save money each month, pay off a loan by a certain date, or steps to making life happy for you and your family by creating a family game night).

I have found two different layouts where dreams and goals are presented and hope you can see the two differences.

"Dreams Come True!" by ErinShannon

"Dreams Come True!" by ErinShannon

"Get Healthy" by Karen

"Get Healthy" by Karen

I hope you are inspired to journal more on your pages and the differences between dreams and goals.

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