The New Year: Like a Gift of 365 Possibilities

Challenge Team Member Lee Currie

Lee Currie, LYM Challenge Team

A fresh and shiny new year has arrived and I’m anxious to put my mark on 2011. I so enjoy the optimistic feeling of promise and possibility the New Year brings. It’s like receiving a gift of 365 possibilities just waiting to be made the most of, every day.

I am a list-maker and a dedicated calendar updater. I have found these not only help me with my more mundane household chores and keep up with my four active kids, but they’re also wonderful collections of my everyday existence and wonderful page starters.

  • Chore and Errand lists
  • Work lists
  • Grocery lists
  • Packing/equipment lists
  • Sport game and practice lists
  • Activity lists
  • To Do lists (and even better are the Ta Da lists – when the to do’s are all scratched out – the best kind of list!)

Then there are the more adventuresome lists:

  • Books to Read
  • Projects to Complete
  • Photos to Take
  • Places to Go
  • Sites to See
  • Creative Challenges to Inspire
  • Classes to Take
  • Blog Topics to Explore
  • Albums to Make
  • Gifts to Give
    Movies to See (before the Oscars!) and then I can add my own rating
  • Combination Lists … bucket lists are awesome!

See? I even like to make lists of lists!

No matter what your list contains, every list looks better when it’s complete.

There is something about a start and end that really gets your creative juices flowing with ideas. This week, all over the Internet you can easily find oodles of incredibly inspiring and reflective ideas looking at the year that just passed and even more ideas for looking (and using) the one ahead.

Certainly for this year, my favourite list of all is the Log Your Memory Weekly Challenges made up by Kristin Rutten for making weekly scrapbook album pages. Each challenge is so well thought out and I cannot wait to dive in and make more pages. I no longer have any excuse for “scrapper’s block;” and with all of the examples, I don’t even have an excuse for no inspiration. If I am totally lost I can just copy the example. After all, done is done, right?

In keeping with the theme this week, I came up with two layouts:

My look back at 2010 by month:

"Moments of 2010" by Lee Currie

and a more philosophical reflection … looking forward …

"Upon Reflection" by Lee Currie

Journaling reads:

Upon Reflection

My (do not change) resolutions include:

The past few months of 2010 have proven to be galvanizing, encouraging, positive and fulfilling. I am on a roll! I would like to keep rolling along on this path through 2011 by continuing to:

BE POSITIVE: I do my utter best to turn lemons to lemonade and generally have a positive outlook. I tend to err on the side of “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing” and only confide my worries, fears and negative thoughts to trusted friends

STAY MINDFUL: I have spent the majority of my adulthood running at break-neck speed headlong forward into the unknown doing as many things as I can manage all at once. My friends will tell you that I deal with negative situations with one phrase: “onward.” I discovered in 2010 a way to slow down, be more aware, be more grateful, choose uni-tasking rather than multi-tasking and be more mindful of my environment, my effect on those around me and their effect on me.

MAINTAIN FOCUS: For someone going in many different directions at one time it was difficult to dial it back and focus. This year I made room for mental clarity and focus: raising my children with purpose and integrity; being honest with myself about my self (the good, the bad, the really, really bad); maintaining a set of standards which are not too rigid, but solid enough that I can be reliable and predictable.

KEEP LEARNING: I have an insatiable appetite for learning new things. Last year was a great year for putting a list together of what I wanted to learn and learning them as well as improving the skills I already have. My “I didn’t get a degree” inferiority complex has been somewhat assuaged by my continuing curiosity and appetite for learning.

ENJOY EVERY DAY: There are plenty of crappy days. With four kids it’s impossible to have many perfect days as there is always some drama or another to deal with. But even with the teaching, guidance, choices, annoyances, drama, there is always something good to find in each day. The idea is to be mindful and find those small things that radiate joy. Joy is truly in the small things.

BE PASSIONATE: I have always been driven. Often without a road map! I have learned this year to be passionate. There is a difference. I want to explore it further. Who knows where I’ll end up following my heart? I’d like to find out.

CELEBRATE OTHERS: I have never been stingy in spirit and always look for a reason to celebrate others accomplishments. There are so many reasons to celebrate with others in their success. This year I’d like to add an element of card-sending and gift-giving to better express in a more personal way my happiness!

While there are still aspects of my personality that require some examination, I think I’ll be well on my way to a great 2011 if I follow the ideas outlined above.

January 2011

What are you planning to do with your 365 new opportunities?

Memory Logbook 2011


  1. from one list maker to another…awesome. i especially like the Ta-Da list, i’ll definitely have to remember that one! thanks, lee, for endless inspiration.

  2. BEAUTIFUL layouts, Lee! I love your Extraordinary moments, and I may need to scraplift that idea myself…. 🙂

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