Remembering Childhood Wishlists

The challenge this week for those following along with the 2010 Memory Logbook was to scrap your “dream” wish list … all that stuff you would love to have, be or do regardless of whether those things could ever actually come to fruition.

While creating such a list is great fun, some chose to go in a different direction by using one of the many variations provided with each Weekly Challenge, which is exactly what they are there for! Such was the case with our Layout of the Week by Jackie (tettletop20) …

"Wishlist Circa 1980s" by tettletop20

"Wishlist Circa 1980s" by tettletop20

I enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. While I didn’t own any of these exact toys personally, they were definitely a part of my childhood … and I did have an “almost” Cabbage Patch doll made for me by my mom! What I especially like about this layout, however, is that it’s a great example of how you can document a memory even if you don’t have photos from the actual event to go along with it.

Congratulations to Jackie on having the Layout of the Week! She earns 25 bonus points in our Community Participation Program and adds a special award token to her signature.

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