What Will YOU Be Doing at 10:10 on 10/10/2010?

Some things only happen a few times in a lifetime … and our Weekly Challenge this week was to capture just such a moment.

Specifically, our focus was on the series of unique date patterns that are experienced during only the first decade or so of every century … what were you doing at 1/1/2001? How about 2/2/2002? Or what WILL you be doing tomorrow … 10/10/2010 … and take it a step further, at precisely 10:10?

While many of us may not give much thought to these interesting dates, there are others who have made a point of making it special by planning weddings or other events at these specific times and dates for the express purpose of making them more memorable.

But even if you have not planned anything special, paying added attention to these dates and times is still a fun reminder to document a slice of time in what is otherwise a normal day. For instance, check out the way editorialdragon did it here in “9.09.09” … our Layout of the Week

"9.09.09" by editorialdragon

"9.09.09" by editorialdragon

Such a fun way to remember this particular moment in this little guy’s life!

Congratulations to editorialdragon on having the Layout of the Week! She earns 25 bonus points in our Community Participation Program and adds a special award token to her signature.

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