Scrapbooking … It’s About YOU Too!

I started scrapbooking while I was pregnant with my first daughter, Jordan, back at the end of 2000. I knew when I became pregnant that I wanted to document the pregnancy in some way, so I started keeping a journal about everything that was happening, thoughts I had about becoming a new mom, cravings for food, how my pregnancy was progressing… everything.

October Calendar Girl Jennifer Labre (jenn7)

Then I was invited to attend a class at a local scrapbooking store. I was intrigued by the idea and began to research everything I could on the subject. When I took the class, I was able to answer questions from other students that the teacher wasn’t. Yes, I became obsessed.

It wasn’t long before my home soon became filled with every gadget, paper or sticker imaginable. I started scrapping my pregnancy journal, including photos of the ultrasound and other baby tidbits. Once Jordan arrived, you’d better believe I took photo after photo and wrote down as much as I could about her and our experiences so that I could scrap it later. I started spending all of my free time documenting her young life and soon filled an entire album… and then another and another.

I loved scrapping about my daughter, but my thoughts soon turned to why this hobby was so important to me. I was capturing memories and things that she would one day look back on – treasures she’d be able to keep forever – and share with her children and grandchildren. What an amazing gift. It was then that I realized how little I really new about my parents or my grandparents. What if I would have had scrapbooks about them growing up? What an amazing treasure that would be!

While I may never capture my grandparents’ or even my parents’ lives in scrapbook form, I could certainly start with my own. I’ve been an amateur photographer for as long as I can remember, taking photos of everything throughout my childhood and as I grew up. I still have many of those old photos. Lucky for me, my parents kept photos, too. I’ve taken many of these old photos and tried to recall different points in my life, capturing the stories on scrapbook pages to comprise an “All About Me” album.

"The Christmas Dress" by Jennifer Labre

"1980 Girl Scouts" by Jennifer Labre

"College Grad" by Jennifer Labre

I also document things going on with me right now, in the present, which may not quite fit in my family albums. How did I feel about turning 39? How did I feel when my older daughter forgot my birthday one year? What was it like having a child at 38?

"39 and Counting" by Jennifer Labre

"Online Girl" by Jennifer Labre

Some of these pages I may just keep for myself to look back on and remember. But so many others contain wonderful tidbits and information about my childhood that my girls will certainly take interest in one day. It’s something I wish I would have had from my grandparents – and will never get the chance to have. I hope my girls will enjoy these pages –about them, our family and about me – just as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them.

"Without Roots" by Jennifer Labre

"Writer" by Jennifer Labre

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