If my life were a Reality TV show …

Flip on the TV lately and you’ve likely noticed season premieres are well underway for all of your favorite programs, including the latest series of “reality” shows.

Have you ever felt like your life resembled a particular reality TV show … or wished it did?

Those shows, plus favorite media sources in general, were the topic of this week’s Logbook Weekly Challenge. I really enjoyed our Layout of the Week by Sarah (sarahbhb), first because the TV show she chose to relate her story to is one of my favorites, and second, because she was brave enough to show her clutter to the world! (Don’t worry Sarah… many of us have it too!)

"Clean Sweep" by sarahbhb

"Clean Sweep" by sarahbhb

Congratulations to Sarah on having the Layout of the Week! She earns 25 bonus points in our Community Participation Program and adds a special award token to her signature.


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