A “Real Life” Example of Strength in Numbers

I clearly remember one day as a teenager when my mom, after watching me come home from downtown yet again with a little sack of fun but entirely unnecessary “stuff,” told me I should sit down and add up how much I had spent in the past month on similar purchases.

“It’s only  $5 here and $10 there,” she said. “But when you add it all up, I think you’ll be surprised.”

As usual, she was right. And that comment has come to mind many, many times over the years, usually when balancing the checkbook at the end of a month that lasted longer than the money.

As frustrating as it is to realize how quickly the total adds up when you’re spending a little here and a little there, there’s something really cool about that fact as well.

It works in reverse.

What do I mean? Just take a look at our Week One “Celebrating Real Life” fund-raising total, the project I introduced last Monday to commemorate our upcoming first-year anniversary.

Fundraising Total After Week One

Thanks to $5 here and $10 there … sometimes less, sometimes more … in just ONE WEEK you have already provided more than $700 to help my brother and his family with their everyday expenses as he undergoes chemotherapy.

Talk about strength in numbers!

Every dime is appreciated … by me, by my parents, and of course, by my brother and his wife and daughter.

As promised, I have a new little gift download today for anyone who chooses to add to the total with a contribution of any size between now and next Monday. It’s a project sheet for a set of eight business card size magnets, each displaying an inspirational quote related to creativity or generosity … something I know you can relate to and appreciate.

Inspirational Magnets

Contributors will receive a downloadable file that includes instructions, plus the sheet of images all ready to be printed & turned into these magnets. The file will be delivered via email sometime within a day or so of your contribution. To make a contribution, simply click on the “Chip In” button in the “Celebrating Real Life” red box on the upper right-hand corner of the blog. (If you don’t see the box or have difficulty using it and still want to make a contribution, feel free to contact me at kristin@logyourmemory.com.)

Thank you to everyone who has contributed already and to everyone who chooses to do so this week. Your comments and prayers are also very much appreciated, as in anything you do to help us spread the word about this fund-raising effort.

In the words of an author featured on one of the magnets in this week’s download …

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” ~ Leo Buscaglia

Help us celebrate Log Your Memory’s First Anniversary by making a difference in a real family’s everyday life! Details in this post.

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