Story Board~ 06.23.2010

I am nosy, and I love finding layouts in the galleries with journaling on them and getting a peek into someone’s life. Today I found a range of stories from the shoes we wear to trials overcome to what’s on the mind. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did and get some fabulous ideas for your own pages … I know I did!

"Radio????" by Inkspots

“Radio????” by Inkspot is a great example of a picture-less layout, but it is such a funny story that I think it just needed to be told. Times change so fast and this is a fantastic example to showcase that. And it just made me laugh as I read it.

"Summertime Faves" by kendallt

I love rebuses and “Summertime Fun” by kendallt is perfect! So summery and she does a wonderful job of journaling with pictures, or rather elements, and the words with different alphas just adds the perfect touch. Loved learning the things her family likes to do in the summer.

"Shut Em Down" by Denise Gormish

The clean design is what drew me to “Shut Em Down” by Denise Gormish, but the way she journaled a conversation and the pride in this young girl is what topped the cake. Fabulous photos, simple, large title and you have a page that tells so much.

"My Way" by josette31

The depth and layering on “My Way” by josette31 is simply awesome! And the title spread out, kind of thrown on there, is the perfectly imperfect touch for this page about the not-so-great school year and the start of those sometimes difficult teen years. Kudos to her for scrapping this, as life is not perfect and our scrapbooks should cover some of those things we aren’t so happy about. It gives a much better picture of our lives.

"Not Too Old to Kiss" by drnike50

I love, love the circles on the wavy line and the scattering of beads on “Not Too Old to Kiss” by drnike50. And the title work is fantastic. I can so relate to the story … a child getting to that age when they don’t want those kisses in public any more. And yes, it is a hard habit to break!

"Fip-Fops" by rochelle789

I just had to look at “Fip-Fops” by rochelle789 when I read the title and the documentation of how this little girl loves her new “shoes” drew me in, and that photo of her little chubby toes in them is just too stinkin’ cute!

"Dorks" by angie wags

“Dorks” by angie wags and then the subtitle, “Just Like Dad,” well, I had to look farther, lol. I love the template she used and the story of the dorks is priceless and a great memory to have. Those ties are a great contrast to the humor and she dated it too, which is always a plus in my book.

"Your Lucky Foot" by katrinak

The large photo on “Your Lucky Foot” by katrinak is what caught my attention, but the story? WOW. What an awesome way to document this perfect little boy’s challenge and how it affected not only him, but momma too. And the joy… well, you’ll just have to check it out for yourself.

"Watch Bee" by misfitinmn

I had no idea what this was about when I first saw “Watch Bee” by misfitinmn, but the split page, the paper layers, and the journaling along the edge made me want to check it out. This little one likes to watch GLEE, lol. I love the photos, showing the concentration talked about in the journaling. And the title will always be a reminder of how he pronounced “glee” at the time.

"On My Mind" by nininano

“On My Mind Today” by nininano is a page I have on my list of must do. And she totally rocked it! LOVE the photo mask, the title, and how she arranged her list. Pure perfection of a glimpse into today, right now.

I hope these pages have inspired you to get some of your own moments down, in nininano’s words, “Grasp this moment – it’s all there is.”

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  1. Thanks so much for having chosen my layout!!! You’ve made my day!!!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for having chosen my layout!!! You’ve made my day!!!!! 🙂

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