A Peek at a Favorite Father’s Day Gift

As I write this, we’re wrapping up our day focused on daddy. So now that we’ve actually shared our Father’s Day gift with the daddy in our household, it’s safe to share my project with you as well…

As you recall, I posed a challenge in last week’s Inspired by Real Life Challenge to create a layout or scrapbooking project inspired by a mini book. I also showed this little peek at my own project & promised to share details of what I did with these items …

This whole project was quick, very simple & very easy … exactly what was needed during a particularly busy week in my household. First, I sorted through all of our photos from the past year and picked out every decent one I could find of my husband with one or more of our kids, then had them printed as 4×6 photos at the local photo shop. I had about 80 photos in all by the time I was finished.

Next I cut out a handful of 4×6 pieces of white cardstock and asked each of the two big kids to write a message to my husband, their step-dad, that was in some way related to advice he had given them or something they had learned from him.

Since Jacques is always doing things with the kids and loves to teach and share his many pastimes with them, it took them no time at all to get their cards written.

Next I carefully disassembled the little gift book I had picked up several years ago that was full of quotes about fatherhood, as well as advice that might be given by a father. I first broke the spine by bending it back and forth, then tore it apart in large sections. After that, I went through and carefully removed a dozen or so pages with quotes I wanted to include in this album … they were all passages that I thought my hubby could either relate to or I have heard him express in one form or another as a parent. The pages were just a bit larger than 4×6, so I trimmed them with my rotary cutter.

The two little girls had fun “writing” their own messages to daddy. With Danica’s card, I just added her name and a quick little “love you” message.

Skylar is much more able to share her interpretations of her drawings, so after she was done displaying her card for the camera, I asked her to tell me about the picture and jotted down notes to help daddy figure it out as well.

Then it was time to put it all together. I purchased & downloaded this cute digi-kit from Kim’s Scraps & Connie Prince at Gotta Pixel, then printed the above word art from that kit on another piece of cardstock. That became the title page of the album, which is simply a 4×6 photo album that holds 100 photos.

I added my own little message as the next page and paired it with a photo of the two of us.

Then I did the same for each of the kids’ messages, pairing their card with a photo of them with Jacques.

After that, I very randomly inserted a quotation page every six pages or so, then went back and slipped in all the photos.

There was no rhyme or reason to the order of the photos … a real departure for someone who tends to always try to over-organize everything. But that’s why it worked. It went together really fast and the randomness of the pages added to the appeal. The entire project was very, very basic and not terribly creative, but sometimes that’s okay.

My husband’s reaction after we gave it to him this morning confirms that sentiment. After looking through the entire album, the girls hanging on him the entire time and pointing out everyone they recognized in the photos (which was pretty much everyone because 90% were of them!), he gave me a big hug and said, “That’s my favorite kind of gift.”

Can’t beat that. 🙂

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  1. wow, that turned out really great!

  2. wow, that turned out really great!

  3. Those kinds of gifts really are the best! You did a great job involving the kids, too. Nice job and thanks for sharing!

  4. Those kinds of gifts really are the best! You did a great job involving the kids, too. Nice job and thanks for sharing!

  5. Love how you involved the kids in this! Turned out fantastic and I can just imagine how much he loved it!

  6. Love how you involved the kids in this! Turned out fantastic and I can just imagine how much he loved it!

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