Story Board~ 06.09.2010

Time again for another collection of scrapbook pages featuring my favorite topic … everyday, real life memories. Check out these beauties I hunted down for you this week…

"10 Things" by mlewis

I’m a big fan of lists that describe real life, right now, so “10 Things” by mlewis is right up my alley. Love the bright colors and adorable photo … and such a fun collection of memories! I especially like the inclusion of this little gal’s phrases.

"Sentimental Jewelry" by mrshobbes

“Sentimental Jewelry” by mrshobbes says so much about the artist … her style, her admiration for simplicity and sentimentality, her now-not-so-secret desires. Love that she took the time to scrap this and so beautifully, as well.

"In the Air" by Majda

I love to fly, but I don’t think I’ve ever taken the time to scrap any photos taken from the sky. “In the Air’ by Majda jumped out at me in the gallery because of the trendy color scheme and perfectly layered photos and elements. Love the titlework, too!

"Play" by Lizzy257

If you have kids who love the playground as much as mine, you probably have tons of photos that all look quite similar to the ones above. There’s nothing ordinary about this layout by Lizzy257, though … “Play” is a perfect way to set off those playground shots. The more I look at this page, the more I find to love about it.

"24-7-365" by aneal

Daily routines, favorite spots, little necessities… so ordinary yet such an authentic part of our “real” story. Aneal’s “24-7-365” is a perfect example of how to share this piece of our lives. I could just snuggle up in that chair with a good book myself! And the sepia effect adds the perfect touch.

"I am..." by LadyK

“I am…” by LadyK gives you the feeling of being right inside this gal’s head. The journaling shares a wide variety of thoughts and ideas, yet the repetition of the line “I am both strong and weak” really pulls everything together. I especially love the color scheme, as well. Soft and calming, yet confident … a perfect match for the story.

"The Gift" by Davita

“The Gift” by Davita is not only beautiful, but a great reminder to appreciate the simple things. It’s a bit ironic that as I was searching the galleries earlier today, my daughter brought me her first dandelion of the season. A sign, perhaps?

"On the Fridge" by Britgirl

I agree with Britgirl … “you can tell a lot about someone by their fridge decor!” What a fun thing to scrap, though I’m a little worried what someone would be able to tell about ME if they saw MY fridge!!  I love how the titlework itself has the feeling of being tacked up on the fridge. If you’re in the mood to scrap but don’t have a story in mind, this would be a fun one to try …

That wraps up another Story Board! Join us every Wednesday for another round of everyday, real life scrapbooking inspiration!

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