Look Deep Into Your Photos, Then Scrap What You Find

Dawn here, posting today as June Calendar Girl. Documenting the everyday is very near and dear to my heart and I want to share a few thoughts on this with you.

When people ask if I am an event scrapper or a moments scrapper, I can easily answer I am the latter. I don’t make pages full of birthday, Christmas, or holiday photos. For me it is the everyday moments, the everyday thoughts that I want to capture. It’s the things that happen to us as a family, how we handle them, or don’t handle them, the things that make us who we are, that I want in my albums. And I think I am doing a pretty good job of that, although I need to work on taking more photos every day so I can document some of these things and writing ideas down as they come to me so I don’t forget. This year has been much easier since Log Your Memory. I have a calendar/journal to put everything down so I can find it all later. Even the prompts each week sometimes bring back another memory or idea I want to scrap that has no relation to the actual prompt … they just get my mind wondering.

I didn’t really get into scrapbooking until my daughter was in her teens and even then I didn’t truly get any pages done until I started digi scrapping, so I have a lot of stuff I want to get down. So a lot of times I will combine things as they come to me. Like how every time I want to say or write down caterpillar I have to stop and think about it. Why? Because when my daughter was little, she always said callapitter. And that has stuck, so my first thought is callapitter, not caterpillar. So the page I create for that will tell not only the funny word she said when she was small, but also about how it has affected me to this day.

And I will scrap about anything that happens in our lives, whether it is something that happens every year or something that changes in our lives. It may not be an ordinary, everyday thing, but it’s something I felt the need to document. I also use photos from any time to get the story across or even pages without photos, because it is the feelings that go along with whatever is happening that is important to me. So journaling is a big part of my pages, but I want photos more times than not, so I search and scan photos if needed.

I also do not edit my photos until I go to use them. I know some of you are probably cringing at that thought, but that is just how I roll. I also don’t delete very many of the photos I take either. Because really, you never know when one will be just perfect for something you want to record. Take this one I did from a prompt that asked you to look deeper at the photo.

"Looking Deeper" by winkasheart

The photo is not one I would normally use and if I had deleted it because it wasn’t perfect, I would have lost all the little tidbits I put down on the page that I got from really looking at everything there, or thinking of the reason I took it in the first place. You just never know when one of those not-so-great photos will work for something entirely different. And those blurry ones? Sometimes that is the only photo you have, like the time I used blurry pictures because that was all I had from when my daughter returned home from her first tour in Iraq. But that was a monumental moment and needed to be scrapped, so I used the not-so-great pictures.

OK, so scrapping the everyday, funny and not-so-funny things of life sometimes calls for making an effort to take specific photos, and I do that too and so does my family now that I have trained them, lol. Take this one about my Mom’s toilet paper stash.

"PaperSpotting" by winkasheart

She was moving, and my family knew I would love having photos of all the tp my Mom has, and believe me, I did, lol. So while this page is about the tp, it is also a page that will enlighten future generations as to why they might have a propensity to purchase more of something than is really needed, hehehe. Because I find myself starting to do the same thing now that I have room, and I see it in my other family members too.

Then there are the pages I see in the galleries that show a tiny slice of life that will show how things were at this time, but also leads me to think of something I want to expound on for my own page. And this page by Britgirl is one of those.

"3 Hours" by Britgirl

I love how this shows and talks about something that probably happens to many of us as we go through life, and she chose to document it. And it has quite a few things besides just the 3 hours it tells about, an error message in the car (not something that was around on old cars), the iPhone and the apps, the free coffee, and what it takes now to keep a little one occupied. So different from even when my daughter was that age. And while I may not have a moment like that to scrap, it did make me think…all those things that are so different now compared to just 20 years ago. Will people looking at my pages in the future even know what an app is or how it was such a big thing? I need to put that down and that is the page I am getting done from this one.

Then there is this page by wyowomanKristin that just made me smile, and I am sure it will be treasured forever. Such an ordinary thing in the life, but tells so much more.

"{This} Is My Favorite" by wyowomanKristin

She lists her favorites at the moment which is always something of interest to others. But she also shows that her little guy likes to wear his costume and rather than argue with him to change before leaving…she lets him wear it out. It also shows that this guy is loving this super hero at this time in his life. So much to learn from the simple everyday photos and pages.

I want to leave you with this…take photos, save them, and create pages from the heart that tell about your life and what it is like right now. And look deeper into your photos, find something besides the ordinary to document with them. You family will treasure them and future generations will gain so much from each and every page.

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