This Is Why I Blog

I sat down tonight to write a little post about all the great reasons blogging is a useful tool for memory keeping.

Creating a list of reasons was easy … for instance:

Benefits of Blogging Your Memories

  • If you live on the computer like I do, it’s always right there at your fingertips whenever you get the urge to jot down a memory.
  • It’s extremely easy to share with friends & family.
  • Hate your handwriting? Can’t spell? Not a problem.
  • It’s really easy to incorporate photos and even videos into your storytelling.
  • If you want to create a scrapbook page or memory book, your stories are right there waiting for you … all in one place and organized by category.
  • It’s fun to get feedback after publishing a post, which can be very motivational as well as educational and quite validating.
  • You can blog in bits and pieces, whenever you have the time. All you need is a computer & an Internet connection.

But even with my list, I was struggling to figure out where to start & how to share the story of why I personally choose to incorporate blogging into my memory keeping toolkit without this being just … a list.

I started … and stopped … several sentences. I got myself another cup of coffee. I made the rounds to check that all the kids were tucked in safe and sound. But it just wasn’t coming together.

Until I made a visit to the blog I started a couple years ago and ran into a post from last summer that for me is the perfect example of why I blog … or at least why I have recommitted to blogging on a regular basis.

It’s a post about someone who inspired me and an experience that really made an impression on me, but that I couldn’t bring myself to scrap at the time.

It’s even more meaningful to me now, because we just returned from a family gathering a couple weeks ago during which we celebrated the life of that special person … who is no longer with us.

Life is short. Life is fragile. And life is precious. It doesn’t really matter how you share your story.

It just matters that you do … and blogging is one way to do that.

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  1. sarahbhb says:

    Kristin, what an amazing post you shared here. It really makes me aware of how much more I could be doing.

  2. sarahbhb says:

    Kristin, what an amazing post you shared here. It really makes me aware of how much more I could be doing.

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