If I Had Only Known…

They say wisdom comes with age. But wouldn’t it be fun sometimes to travel back in time with the benefit of that hard-earned wisdom?

That was the theme of this week’s Logbook Weekly Challenge, which proved to indeed be a challenge for those who attempted to scrap it. With several great examples from our Calendar Girls, a few brave souls did manage to rise to the challenge and produce some really cool pages.

I especially liked our Layout of the Week “If I Had Known” by Jackie (tettletop20), in which Jackie advises her freshman self on those lessons that it seems none of us learn until long after they would have been most helpful….

"If I Had Known" by tettletop20

Go for it” … “don’t be nervous” … “he might just like you back“…  “try something new” … “you are worth it” … “you can do it” … and of course, “the popular kids don’t always have it all.

Great advice … if only we could get our own kids to listen to those messages now, rather than having to learn the hard way!

Congratulations to Jackie on having today’s Layout of the Week! She will receive 10 bonus points through our Real Deal Book Club Rewards Program.

Just a reminder …

The Community Forum and the Layout Gallery will (most likely) both be closed for most of this weekend to allow for some cool improvements and upgrades.  Feel free to stop by, just in case plans change, and then be sure to stay tuned next week for information about the fun things in store for the summer!

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