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Mommy Contest Update

The list of nominees for the 2010 Log Your Memory Mommy Contest is now complete & final. Read the heartwarming descriptions of what makes each of these nominated mommies special and then stay tuned Sunday for our big Mother’s Day announcement of our winners!

Inspired by Real Life Scrapbooking Challenge

Congratulations to Cindi (Ericksoc), winner of the Inspired by Real Life Scrapbook Challenge #3! Cindi… contact me with a link to your favorite online scrapbooking store & I’ll have a $5 gift certificate on its way to your inbox!

If you’re wondering what this challenge series is all about, check out this post.

Ready for another source of everyday inspiration? Let’s get started…

Magazines are chock-full of opportunities for scrapbooking inspiration, from the typography and layout design to the cover, color schemes and content. For that reason, today we will focus on just one part of a magazine as our source of “real life” inspiration, with other parts to be included in future challenges. Your challenge this week is to create a scrapbook layout inspired by a magazine advertisement.

There are numerous ways you can use a magazine advertisement as a springboard for a scrapbook page. For instance, you could…

  • Borrow a product slogan or page title as your layout title or journaling springboard.
  • Model your page design after the layout of the ad itself.
  • Create a layout about the product, service or concept featured in the advertisement.
  • Borrow the ad’s color scheme or artistic style.
  • Mimic a particular feature of the ad, such as the way images or specific words are highlighted to catch your attention.

While flipping through my own stack of magazines, these ads triggered ideas for possible scrapbook pages…

(Note: These ads are displayed for demonstration purposes only and are in no way an endorsement of the specific products or services promoted, nor is there any commercial connection between Log Your Memory and the organizations represented.)

Inspiration Ad #1

Ad #1: Ideas include copying the clever use of one object depicted through three different settings & photos, incorporating the repetition of one word throughout the title and/or journaling (in this case “more”) or the use of a sticky note as a journaling tag.

Inspiration Ad #2

Ad #2: Though small in this ad itself, the title “The Happiness Exhibit” combined with the framing of a variety of photos could result in an interesting layout.

Inspiration Ad #3

Ad 3#: This ad immediately brings to mind several ideas for “All About Me” type scrapbook pages, such as sharing thoughts that tend to run through our heads, insecurities, or feelings on a particular subject.

Inspiration Ad #4

Ad #4: The step-by-step instruction style of this ad’s design could easily be adapted to any sequence of events captured in photos. Baby’s first steps come to mind.

Inspiration Ad #5

Ad #5: Take a close look at the title/slogan on this ad and you’ll notice there is an aerial landscape shot behind every letter. How about adapting this to a scrapbook page by using other types of photos behind each letter or simply choosing a different font for each individual letter?

Inspiration Ad #6

Ad #6: Vacation photos come to mind when I look at this ad. I can easily picture a scenic shot like the one shown at the bottom of the page and then individual elements pulled out above with journaling or descriptions of their importance to the scene or memory.

Inspiration Ad #7

Ad #7: Several parts of this ad jumped out at me … first, the kid jumping! This would be a great starting point for an extracted image of an active child. The tag lines also have potential… “It doesn’t get better than this” and “Gravity doesn’t stand a chance” could both easily become page titles. The way the “Lunchables” title at the top also lends itself to imitation, with the outlining and transparency of the image.

Inspiration Ad #8

Ad #8: Another example of a tag line that would be a great page title or journaling prompt… “{this} and {this}. Enough said.” It’s also a nice reminder that simple design & lots of white space can be very effective.

You are welcome to use the above ads as your source of inspiration … or find one on your own. Nearly every advertisement contains some element that could spark an idea for a scrapbook page if you are open to looking for it.

Having trouble finding inspiration in a magazine ad? You may be looking for something too specific. Try stepping back and noticing color combinations or the way a page is designed or the captions, titles or slogans used in the ads. Maybe it the choice of fonts in the ad text or headline. Or perhaps the way an image is extracted, manipulated, or otherwise featured. If anything triggers an idea that could be adapted to a scrapbook layout, there’s your “real life” inspiration.

Challenge Rules:

  1. Create a scrapbook page inspired by a magazine advertisement.
  2. Post your completed layout in the Challenge #4 gallery album before noon (Mountain) on Wednesday, May 5th. One random winner chosen from those posted in the challenge gallery will receive a $5 gift certificate to the online scrapbooking store of their choice. (You are welcome to post to this album after the deadline, however pages posted late will not be eligible for prizes.)
  3. Be sure to include a description of the advertisement that inspired your page in the layout description and if possible, link us to an image.
  4. (Optional) Link us up to your layout in the Challenge #4 thread in the Inspired by Real Life Challenge forum.
  5. Come back next Thursday for our next Inspired by Real Life Challenge!

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