Story Board~5.5.2010

After a busy NSD weekend, the galleries are just packed with creative, beautiful and memorable layouts.

If you’re in the market for some “real life” inspiration, check out these great examples collected just for you…

"Express" by tls63

I just love the concept behind “Express” by tls63, not to mention the eye-catching design. The little photos were taken by the young lady in the background and represent her favorite things. What a great way to almost literally get inside this young person’s head!!

"Little Things" by cnscrap

Another page that just jumped out at me in the gallery … “Little Things” by cnscrap shares this gal’s #1 wish list item and a few observations from mom about when that wish was granted. It’s a fun story and I love how the arrows, office-type supplies & color scheme pull it all together.

"Precious Memories" by som

I can totally relate to the journaling in “Precious Memories” by som … it’s a comment on how those times when all the kids get along and just have fun are precious because they seem to so often be overshadowed by typical sibling squabbles. Better yet … take a close look at that photo. Aren’t those shadows cool!?!

"In My Bag" by muddygirl

I love “In My Bag” by muddygirl for several reasons … first, there isn’t much more “real life” than the contents of our purses! But even better, I just LOVE how this design came together – from the pockets and the way it makes you feel like you’re peeking inside the bag to the messy way the papers & contents seem to be spilling out the top. Reminds me a lot of my own purse…

"Breakdown in the Bayou" by hawsumb

The adventure shared in “Breakdown in the Bayou” by hawsumb isn’t the one that was planned, but it still makes a great story and a beautiful page. Love the layering & all the fun embellishments here.

"Fridge Conversation" by Shannamay

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably had a similar experience as the one shared in “Fridge Conversation” by Shannamay. Love those red handprints against the neutral background and the great titlework & thought bubble.

"Zoo" by ManInTheMoon

I found “Zoo” by ManInTheMoon to be a very clever & effective use of an extracted photo and somewhat realistic elements. I love how the framed tiger supports the journaling about there being little more than a frame of glass separating him from this adorable little spectator.

"Little Devil" by Lizzy257

“Little Devil” by Lizzy257 simply made me smile for several reasons. First there’s the fact I have at least one of these little mischief makers in my own house right now. And then there are the silly little elements and fun details. And that “CITATION/SUMMONS” sealed the deal … this one would be a lot of fun to lift sometime…

"Family Insanity" by misfitinmn

“Family Insanity” by misfitinmn is another page that made me laugh because of the story … I think we all have felt this way at one time or another! Love the black and white photos contrasted with the bright background & border.

"Click" by jzdesigns

This could be me. I bought myself my first DSLR at the beginning of the year and have yet to even TRY using the manual mode, so I totally understand where jzdesigns is coming from in “Click.” Love the way the white circles, black & white photo, and bits of red pop against the brown background. It’s also fun to see a goal documented like this … it will be fun for her to look back someday after she’s accomplished her mission!

That wraps up another week’s Story Board! Check back every Wednesday for another collection of inspiring “real life” layouts … and in the meantime, scrap a few of your own and share them in the Log Your Memory gallery! We’d love to see them!!

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  1. Fabulous pages showcased here today! Loved every single one of them!

  2. Fabulous pages showcased here today! Loved every single one of them!

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