Tutorial for the Busy New Mama

Have you ever wished for something you just couldn’t find? Had a vision of that certain something that would make things just the way you wanted them or help you do exactly what you wanted to do?

That happens to me all the time. For the most part, I just make do with what’s out there.

But once in a while, I decide if I can’t find it, I’ll just create it myself. I’ve done it for years with my own personal calendars & planners, hence the creation of the Scrapbooker’s All-In-One Memory Logbook and Log Your Memory overall.

And most recently, it resulted in my newest book … Baby’s First Year Memory Logbook.

The Baby Logbook does everything I looked for in a traditional baby book, including providing a place to stash hospital bracelets, fill out the family tree, tuck in those first locks of hair, record when each tooth pops through, and all of the other special memories associated with that first year.

But it also does what I look for as a scrapbooker … provides prompts to record things I might not have otherwise thought to document, shares ideas for layouts, and most importantly, provides lots and lots of room for photos, journaling, memorabilia and whatever else might be important to the new mama.

One of the features I built into the book is special pages to capture day-by-day photos & memories for every single day of baby’s first year of life. Personally, there are few things I enjoy more than taking and later viewing great photos of my kids. But having gone through that crazy first year four times myself, I know how overwhelming and time-consuming caring for that adorable little person can be … and taking the time to fill in a baby book can easily seem like too much work.

I kept this in mind when designing the Baby Logbook. This is also the reason I put together the Tip Sheet I’d like to share with you today.

In this free, six-page downloadable & printable PDF tutorial, I’ll show you how to easily put together 52 weeks of photo memories … quickly & easily. And if you enjoy scrapbooking gadgets and spending some time staring at those beautiful baby photos, it’ll be fun, too!

In a nutshell, the Tip Sheet will show you how to use this…

And this…

To create this …

It’s no accident that the prize package for the winner of our Log Your Memory Mommy Contest includes a copy of Baby’s First Year Memory Logbook PLUS both of the tools shown above. It will also include a print copy of the Tip Sheet, which you can download HERE today.

My only regret is that I didn’t get this book created in time to use it for my own baby’s first years, though I am seriously considering backtracking and completing one for each of my kids using the photos and notes I already have and my quickly deteriorating memory!

Is there a planner, notebook, organizer or similar product you’ve tried to find with no luck? I’d love to hear your ideas … perhaps it could lead to my next publishing project! In fact, it was because of a request from Log Your Memory community member Amalia Blondet (and lots of great input … thanks Amalia!) that the Baby Logbook went from an idea in my head to the book I have sitting on my desk today.

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