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Congratulations to Sarah (sarahbhb), winner of the Inspired by Real Life Scrapbook Challenge #1! If you’re wondering what this challenge series is all about, check out this post.

Ready for another source of everyday inspiration? Let’s get started…

Nearly everyone has played a board game at one time or another, whether it was at school, hanging out with friends or part of a family game night. There are also many, many different games to choose from, ranging from traditional favorites like Monopoly or Candy Land to any number of newer games that come on the market every year. Your challenge this week is to find real life scrapbooking inspiration from a board game.

There are numerous ways you can use a board game as a springboard for a scrapbook page. For instance, you could…

  • Use questions, challenges or problems posed in the game as prompts for journaling.
  • Create a “what if” page … What if you had chosen this path instead of that? What if the cards had fallen differently? What if life is really just a game?
  • Share your beliefs about following rules, fair play, competition, teamwork, winners & losers, or keeping score through your journaling.
  • Create a page about your favorite board game or experiences shared playing games. (I did this here.)
  • Model your page design after the game board or packaging.

As you probably guessed, we have lots of board games in our home, some that I’ve had since I was just a kid. Here are just a few that triggered ideas for possible layouts…

Scrabble I have a couple ideas from this game … one that I’ve already used in the past, which is creating my page title using letter tiles. This is also one of my favorite games and I could easily scrap a page or two sharing memories of playing this with my grandmother or other friends & family members.

Candy Land The winding path in this game, particularly with the little playing piece standing on it, reminds me that I’d like to do a page about my not-so-straightforward career path. The design of this board would be a great starting point for my layout design. (Or maybe Chutes & Ladders would be better! LOL)

Scattergories The playing cards from this game are basically lists of random items. I thought it might be fun to use these as prompts for a “Favorites Right Now” type of page … ie. Favorite Fictional Characters, Favorite Menu Items, Favorite Magazines…

The Allowance Game If you’re not familiar with this game, it’s similar in style to Monopoly or Payday, but focused on a more juvenile level. I thought it would be fun to copy the board, but replace the blocks with jobs my kids do and the amount they are paid, as well as their wish list items and costs.

Othello I’ve always loved this game and I’m pretty good at it, which means I had a tough time getting anyone to play it with me as a kid. That memory alone could be the subject of one page … or perhaps some journaling with advice for my own kids on how NOT to run into the same situation I did!

Worst-Case Scenario Here’s another game ripe with opportunities to share your advice, beliefs and hard-earned wisdom through your scrapbook pages. I could probably do an entire mini album on this topic, though I’d likely replace the “How To” questions with something more my speed, like “How To Survive Working-At-Home with a Toddler Underfoot” or “How To Make Grampa’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies.”

If you don’t have board games at your home, check out your local coffee shop or shopping center … or spend a few minutes browsing your favorite online toy store. Your options are pretty much unlimited.

Challenge Rules:

  1. Create a scrapbook page inspired by a board game.
  2. Post your completed layout in the Challenge #2 gallery album before noon (Mountain) on Tuesday, April 27th. One random winner chosen from those posted in the challenge gallery will receive a $5 gift certificate to the online scrapbooking store of their choice. (You are welcome to post to this album after the deadline, however pages posted late will not be eligible for prizes.)
  3. Be sure to include the name of the board game that inspired your page in the layout description and if possible, link us to an image or online description.
  4. (Optional) Link us up to your layout in the Challenge #2 thread in the Inspired by Real Life Challenge forum.
  5. Come back next Thursday for our next Inspired by Real Life Challenge!

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