The Mommy Search Continues

The Log Your Memory Mommy Contest is well underway and it warms my heart to read the nominations for some very special mommies that have found their way to my inbox.

But there’s still room for more … and the sponsor & prize list just keeps growing! At last count, our combined prize packages totaled more than $415! This includes all of the fun products shown below for our winning mommy, plus a ton of digital scrapbooking kits and gift certificates for both our winning mommy and the person who nominates her!

Nominations will be accepted through May 2, 2010. While original plans were to share nominating stories as the contest moves along, I have decided it would be more fair to wait and share them all at once after the contest has closed. Watch for a special post on May 4th … and then our announcement of our winners on Mother’s Day, May 9th.

Contest eligibility is simple … nominees simply need to have a US shipping address and have at least one child under the age of one or be expecting at the time of nomination to ensure the winner is someone who can really use the products they will receive. No superhero qualities required, so be sure to nominate your favorite special mommy today by visiting this link.

Our fantastic prize packages would not be possible without the very generous sponsors listed below. Please be sure to visit their stores & show them your support…

Hazel Olive Designs

Trixie Scraps Designs

Digi Scraps Drive In

Bubblescrap Designs

Captivated Visions

JennCk Designs

JayaPrem’s Hangout

Brandy Designs

Moo Two Designs

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