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Our Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge continues today with a journaling method that can really help you tell the behind-the-scenes details of the stories you scrapbook.

Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge #12

Your challenge today is to tell your story through play-by-play commentary. On the surface, this is simply telling the story of what is happening in whatever photos you choose. But done well, it can be so much more. A great play-by-play page will share details that aren’t obvious in the photos, such as what you were thinking or how you were feeling during a particular string of events, or perhaps the background information leading up to that particular scene.

Think about what makes a great sports commentary … if the announcer simply told you what was happening in front of your eyes, you’d quickly get bored. It’s the little extras added in to that monologue – the inside information – that make it worth listening to.

As you are planning your journaling, think about the photo, event or story you want to share. Ask yourself … if I were sharing this story with a good friend or close relative, what details would I include? What is it about this particular story that makes me want to both remember and share it? If someone looked at this photo or event through my eyes, what would they see and how would they feel? The answers to these questions should help you decide how to approach your writing.

Here are some examples of play-by-play commentary in action …

"TR{Y}ATHLON" by Kimbe @ Designer Digitals

"In An Instant" by Christy @ My Scrapbook Art

"My 3 Little Monkeys" by LolaLovesLife @ My Scrapbook Art

Remember, you now have until midnight (Mountain Time) on Wednesday, March 31st to complete & post your pages and qualify for our Sweet Talker prize.

The Rules:

  1. Pick a topic and create a new scrapbook page that shares your story through play-by-play commentary.
  2. Post that page in this album in our Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge Gallery. The deadline for all Sweet Talk Challenge Layouts is midnight (MTN) on Wednesday, March 31st, 2010.
  3. Visit this thread in our Community Forum and link us up to your layout.
  4. Once your link is verified, the above Sweet Talk award will appear in your profile and in your signature.
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