Story Board~2.17.10

This week’s Story Board includes a little bit of everything in the way of real life scrapbooking inspiration, ranging from the personal and poetic to just plain adorable. Check out our fun finds this week from our neighboring galleries…

"4 Eyes" by junebug

The captivating photo and cool titlework in “4 Eyes” by junebug caught my attention as soon as I saw it. Love the soft color scheme and fun little details, not to mention the shared history about this little slice of one scrapbooker’s life.

"Now and Then '09" by Darcy Baldwin

Price comparisons from different time periods always fascinate me, so I immediately fell in love with “Now and Then ’09” by Darcy Baldwin. In addition to all of the fun price differences (25 cents for a loaf of bread!), there are a ton of other little details packed into this journaling. Definitely among my favorite recent examples of “real life” scrapbooking and sure to be of even greater interest several years down the road!

"Crocodile Tears" by Aggie Aviso

My first thought upon finding “Crocodile Tears” by Aggie Aviso was “I have SO been there!” Love this little peek into the daily routine and those pathetically adorable teary-eyed photos. Have to chuckle at the final comment, too. 🙂

"Playing Telephone" by becca1976

“Playing Telephone” by becca1976 is just plain fun. Great photos, cute embellishments, playful colors and a fun memory of a very “everyday” type activity. My favorite kind of scrapbooking.

"February 11" by sigmakap95

If your goal is to document your real life, it’s hard NOT to scrapbook about the weather these days. It’s definitely been a season for the record books for many this year. I just loved the color scheme & playful design of “February 11” by sigmakap95. The perfectly placed embellishments, highlighted words in the journaling, even the realistic looking snowballs all add up to a fantastic winter page.

"Blah" by dancingscrapper

The comment says it’s a “page about nothing” but I can definitely relate to having days like the one shared in “Blah” by dancingscrapper. Love the artsy feel to the whole layout, and the design with the journal and the paragraph about “nothing” are so reminiscent of diaries from my younger days.

"Imagination" by TrishB

It’s the quirky behaviors and little observations that I most want to remember about my kids’ early years, yet that is sometimes the toughest thing to capture on a scrapbook page. TrishB does this wonderfully in “Imagination.” Love the interesting palette and photo treatment, as well as the way she highlighted various pieces of her journaling.

"Blue Jean Baby" by rainydays

There is just something so completely adorable about a little tiny dude in jeans, which is exactly what rainydays highlights in “Blue Jean Baby.” Love the clustered embellishments, the splashes of red and of course, the cute patootie in these photos.

"Best Friends" by beckyandjames

The off-kilter orientation of the papers and the title caught my attention in “Best Friends” by beckyandjames … and then all the fun little details drew me in further. Interesting photo treatment, cool date cluster, scattered hearts, sweet memory … it all just comes together to make a page that’s very easy to appreciate.

"Tale of a Midnight Scrapper" by Maria W

I’ll bet I’m not alone in feeling like “Tale of a Midnight Scrapper” by Maria W was created especially for me. This clever poem describes my habit to perfection and the simple design is a perfect complement to the story. Love the artsy graphic, the jumbled title, the water-stained, heart-doodled paper and the very authentic-looking typesetting. So cute… I am very tempted to get this one printed for myself just to use as a wallhanging in my office!

That’s it for this week’s Story Board! Check back every Wednesday for more “real life” scrapbooking inspiration!

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"Adoration" Kit by Misty Cato

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38.Jill says:

I’d say I really adore 3 boys in my life: my boyfriend, my little brother, and my evil little nephew. LOL They make my life more fun!

Congratulations to Jill! Please contact me with your full name & email address so I can hook you up with your free download! A big thanks to Misty, as well, for your wonderful kit and generous contribution!

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  1. Love it 🙂

  2. Love it 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for choosing my layout! It is one of my favorites!

  4. Thank you so much for choosing my layout! It is one of my favorites!

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