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It was a busy weekend for our Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge, with several new layouts added to our challenge gallery in the past few days. We’ve now officially passed the half-way mark in our quest to complete 14 challenges & earn the special prize that comes with it.

So far, we’ve told our stories using lists, ABCs, conversations, fairy tales, compare/contrast, show & tell and letter-writing journaling methods. Now we’re going to use another favorite tactic that reminds me of my journalism days… the Q&A style interview.

Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge #8

An interview is little more than a series of questions and answers. This could take the form of a questionnaire, with pre-determined questions followed by corresponding answers. There are entire books filled with such questionnaires created especially for this purpose, which could be used to interview your child, partner, parent … or even completed by yourself. Some have even gone so far as to “interview” inanimate objects!

An interview doesn’t have to come from a ready-made questionnaire to qualify, however. A single question could suffice … or even a conversation that followed a question/answer type format. Your application of this challenge is completely up to you. You might even consider scrapbooking your answers to one of the Memory Logbook’s questionnaires, such as the monthly check-up or a holiday, birthday or celebration worksheet.

Let’s get started with a few interesting examples …

"Conversation with my Grandpas I Barely Knew" by alice @ My Scrapbook Art

"Exclusive Interview with Livia" by paperboutique @ My Scrapbook Art

"An Interview with My Dirty Dishes" by ~Julie~ @ My Scrapbook Art

"What's Real" by Myra @ Designer Digitals

The Rules:

  1. Pick a topic and create a new scrapbook page that shares your story through an interview.
  2. Post that page in this album in our Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge Gallery. The deadline for all Sweet Talk Challenge Layouts is midnight (MTN) on Wednesday, March 3, 2010.
  3. Visit this thread in our Community Forum and link us up to your layout.
  4. Once your link is verified, the above Sweet Talk award will appear in your profile and in your signature.
  5. Keep an eye on this page to track our Log Your Memory Sweet Talkers!
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