Whatcha Talkin’ About?

It’s time for our third installment in our month-long Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge. We’ve already tried our hand at list journaling and using the alphabet. Now it’s time to do a little talking … literally.

Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge #3

For this challenge, tell your story through the use of a conversation. It could be the dialogue between you and another person, a discussion you overheard, or even an exchange between your kids and their imaginary playmates.

If you’ve been using your Memory Logbook to keep track of little tidbits like this, you may have something written down that could be developed into a great scrapbook page. And if you don’t already have something in mind, spend a day or two paying extra attention to what’s going on around you. Chances are good you’ll pick up on at least one conversation that could help tell a story about your real life. You could even make up a conversation to help illustrate what might be a typical situation in your world.

To help get the creative juices flowing, take a peek at these great examples of the “conversation” style of journaling in practice …

"You Make Me Laugh" by aneal @ My Scrapbook Art

"Grandma, flamingos can!" by digigrandma @ Designer Digitals

"I Wonder if There Really is a Santa?" by mymalloryboys @ Designer Digitals

"Ice Cream and Bananas" by Aino @ Designer Digitals

The Rules:

  1. Pick a topic and create a new scrapbook page that incorporates a conversation to tell your story.
  2. Post that page in this album in our Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge Gallery. The deadline for all Sweet Talk Challenge Layouts is midnight (MTN) on Wednesday, March 3, 2010.
  3. Visit this thread in our Community Forum and link us up to your layout.
  4. Once your link is verified, the above Sweet Talk award will appear in your profile and in your signature.
  5. Keep an eye on this page to track our Log Your Memory Sweet Talkers!
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